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Wedding favors on a budget

By on January 6, 2008

photo by antaresjhw
The reality of the cost of a wedding hits hard fairly early in the planning. Something’s got to give, and it can be difficult to decide where to trim costs without looking cheap. With the majority of the budget typically allocated to the reception, one area where you can cut costs is the wedding favors. Readers come to the rescue with their wedding-favor ideas so you don’t break the bank.

USEFUL AND ECO-FRIENDLY: I’ve seen seed packets with a poem attached. — Amy, Ohio

STICKING TOGETHER: At one wedding recently, there was a big bowl filled with individual sticks of gum in it. They all had tags on them that read, “Happily stuck together for life,” and the couple’s names. It was cute! You could use gumballs, too. I also attended a wedding that had tea bags in mini envelopes. You can wrap a pretty votive candle in colored netting, and tie with a pretty ribbon, too. — Barb, Pennsylvania

SWEET AND SOPHISTICATED: I got a chocolate bar once that had the couple’s name and wedding date on the wrapper. I liked that because I could eat it. I don’t like anything I can’t use, but I’m also particularly irritated by “stuff” in my house. — Acidcookie, e-mail

SPOONFUL OF SUGAR: At my wedding, I bought spoons, tulle, ribbon and chocolates and made a small saying on card stock. Put two chocolates on the spoon, wrap it in a small piece of tulle and tie it with the ribbon. — Tracy, Pennsylvania

DONATE: We didn’t give out favors, but each guest received a small note card that read: “In lieu of favors, a donation has been made to the American Cancer Society in honor of our Guests.” You could donate to any charity you want. Our best friends gave out a tree in the box. Visit– Nemeweh, e-mail

PRESERVE THE DAY: The most unusual thing I ever received as a favor at a wedding was a small, fancy jar of homemade jam. — Liz, New York

PICTURE THIS: I bought little pewter frames online for 88 cents each. The frames were the same size as business cards. I printed the place cards on business cards, put them in the frames and used those for the favors. I know people from work who still have the frames on their desks. — Getnrichslowly, e-mail

CUT OUT FOR LOVE: I’ve seen cookie cutters tied together with a recipe for “Lovers Shortbread,” or something similar. — Ladynada, Canada

PLANT A MEMORY: I went to a wedding that had flower bulbs for favors. They filled a terra-cotta pot with bulbs and wrapped it in tulle. You could put them into organza bags, too. — Jessie, e-mail

KEEPSAKE: I had sand dollars as my wedding favors. I attached a magnet to the back. — Julie, e-mail

GOOD LUCK: I attended a wedding that had lottery tickets for favors. — Tara J, via e-mail

FLOWER POWER: I helped my sister make silk-flower pens. Take a ballpoint pen and remove the pen cartridge inside, so you have just the outer sleeve casing. Cut a silk-flower stem to the height of the pen-sleeve casing and insert the stem. Place the pen cartridge back into the sleeve casing, and wrap the casing with green floral tape. — Melissa, e-mail

WARM THEIR HEARTS: Put coffee beans or ground coffee in a canning jar with a coffee scoop. I’ve seen coffee bricks for $1.50 and chrome scoops for less than $2. — Jill S., Arkansas

I saw the cutest favors at a wedding. They put blue-colored almonds into a mini twig nest. They had a ribbon banner attached with the names of the wedding couple. I think speckled jelly beans would look nice, too. — Jean, via forums


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  2. Renee

    6/19/2011 at 4:33 pm

    My most favorite (“cheap”) wedding favor idea was a small bag with the couples favorite trail mix with a tag that said “perfect mix”
    heres a couple more great ideas: individual boxes with ingredients to “make your own smores”, plastic cake decorating disposable cones filled with hot chocolate and topped with just the right amount of marshmallows (another variation on this is premade drink mix of any kind-iced tea, lemonade, something to coordinate colors, and you could include a decorative stirrer or plastic light up ice cube at the top-in place of marshmallows) happy favoring!

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