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Uses for surplus cinnamon and sugar

By on July 21, 2008

photo by bucklava
super pretzels

DEAR SARA: We buy Super Pretzels in bulk. Each box comes with a huge cinnamon/sugar pack that we never use on our pretzels. Now I have about three pounds of it and no idea what to do with it. Plus, as long as we keep buying the pretzels, we will keep getting bags of it. I know we could make cinnamon toast, use some on sweet potatoes and make cinnamon pancakes or muffins. But what else? I hate to have it go to waste. — Leigh, e-mail

DEAR LEIGH: Wow, that’s a lot of cinnamon sugar. Here are a few ideas: cinnamon rolls, snicker-doodle cookies, quick breads, baked apples, French toast, toasted nuts, oatmeal or popcorn. You can make a quick breakfast-biscuit treat, too. Dip cut biscuit dough (refrigerated tube buttermilk biscuits will work) in butter to coat both sides and then dip each biscuit into cinnamon and sugar. Place on a baking sheet. Put an indentation into the top, and fill with your favorite fruit preserves. Bake in a preheated 375 F oven for 15 minutes.

DEAR SARA: Any home remedies for tooth pain? I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled. I have taken uncountable amounts of ibuprofen and Tylenol with codeine. I’m also taking an antibiotic and rinsing with salt water, regular water and a rinse the doctor gave me. I’ve tried ice packs, too. The pain will stop for maybe 20 minutes every now and then but comes right back. I’m living in the sink, rinsing every few minutes because the pain is so bad. Do you have a remedy that might work? — alarosalpn, Connecticut

I’m not a medical expert, but my pharmacist recommends over-the-counter clove oil. It’s in a tiny bottle that comes with small cotton balls. It costs less than $10. Give your local pharmacist or dentist a call and ask his or her opinion. I would ask about the maximum amount of painkillers you can take safely, too. I’ve had tooth pain and had success simply brushing or rinsing with mouthwash. The mint dulled the ache. I know that sounds sarcastic, but I’m serious. Please seek dental help as soon as possible. Also, check whether there’s a dental school near you. They’ll often offer discounts.

DEAR SARA: Do you have any soft-food ideas? I’m trying to find some things that can be made for my grandparents to eat. They still live on their own, and my aunt helps all that she can with making food for them, but no one else helps. Chemo ruined my grandpa’s teeth, so they had to be pulled. He has dentures, but they do not seem to fit him. My aunt has taken him several times to have them adjusted, but they just seem way too big for his mouth. Needless to say, he does not wear them. What are some things that can be made that he can eat? — Mandy, Ohio

DEAR MANDY: I would ask his doctor or a nutritionist for a balanced soft-meal plan. I can suggest a few ideas to fill in. Try creamed corn; applesauce; well-cooked soft vegetables; baked or mashed white and sweet potatoes; meats ground into soups; pasta meals using small pasta; bananas; scrambled eggs; oatmeal; cottage cheese; egg salad; white rice; and yogurt.

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