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Homemade gifts kids can make

By on December 20, 2008

reindeer jingle bell
There’s still time to make some quick and easy crafts with your kids. All of these are fun family activities, and they’re nice enough to give as gifts, too. The supplies are inexpensive, but the projects create priceless memories.

REINDEER CANDY BOWL: Take any size clay pot. Glue on wiggle eyes and pompom nose onto the front of the clay pot to form the face. Cut antlers out of dark-brown craft foam by tracing a child’s hand. Using light-brown craft foam cut out ears. Glue antlers and ears to the back of the clay pot. Fill reindeer pot with candy.
clay pot reindeer

PEPPERMINT GARLAND: Using curling ribbon, tie individually wrapped mint candies together. Keep tying until garland is desired length. Instead of using mint candies, you can string colored beads onto curling ribbon or plastic cording, too.

REINDEER JINGLE BELLS: Take a 2- to 4-inch jingle bell, and glue on wiggle eyes and a pompom nose. Then twist pipe-cleaner antlers onto the bell loop for a cute little reindeer ornament.

PERSONALIZED POTHOLDER: Buy a potholder that has a white center. Let kids place their hands into paint, and press their handprint onto the potholder. They can paint their name and the date on the potholder, too. Use other items such as a dish towel, T-shirt, apron or canvas tote.
handprint potholder

CANDY SUNDAE: This makes an easy homemade gift.


sundae glass or root-beer glass
clear plastic for the top, such as milk jugs or pop bottles cut to fit, or coffee-can lids
candies, any type, such as colorful hard candies
packing tape
large spool of white curling ribbon (about 20 yards)
hot glue gun and glue
1-inch red pompoms (think cherry size)
plastic straw or spoon

Turn your sundae glass upside down onto the piece of plastic, and draw around the outside to trace the diameter of the glass. Cut the circle you traced. This is the lid. Fill the sundae glass with candy. Place the plastic cutout lid on top. Use tape to secure the lid onto the sundae glass. Cut sections of curling ribbon, and curl it. Mound the curled pieces together, and tie it into a ball. This will be the whipped cream on top of your sundae glass. Glue the white curling-ribbon whipped cream to the top of the plastic lid on your sundae glass. Glue the red pompom on top of the curling ribbon so it looks like a cherry. Insert your plastic straw or spoon. — Lori, Illinois
candy sundae

GUMDROP ORNAMENT: Take a small Styrofoam craft ball. Bend a pipe cleaner into a loop for hanging, and insert the point end into the craft foam. Insert half a toothpick into each gumdrop. This leaves the other half to insert into the foam ball. Continue until the entire foam ball is covered.

MINI WREATHS: Using pipe cleaners or 22-gauge florist wire, string beads or buttons to form a wreath. Bend wire into a circle, and twist close. Tie a piece of ribbon to hang the mini wreath.

MINI CHRISTMAS TREE: String 10 to 12 colored beads onto a green pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaner back and forth to form a tree. Starting wide at the bottom and narrowing as you get to the top. Add a larger yellow bead on top, small bow or sequins. You can keep the pipe cleaner straight and attach a jingle bell onto the bottom, too.

What crafts or homemade gifts have your kids made?

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  1. KmartDesign

    12/13/2009 at 5:57 pm

    Oh, my…these crafts are adorable!! I love the reindeer candy bowl the most. We recently created a kid-friendly xmas tree with a lil girl at her parent’s holiday home makeover. It’s another fab way to get the kids involved for the holidays, and why should you only have one xmas tree in your home, right?! 🙂

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