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Baby-shower gift for dad

By on December 28, 2008

diaper toolbelt
photo by sunsurfr
I receive a lot of gift ideas for the mom-to-be and baby but rarely any ideas for the dads. The first tip is a cute gift idea for the new dad. He’ll have everything he needs for diaper duty.

DAD-TO-BE GIFT: You can make a tool belt filled with supplies. Use a canvas work apron (has pockets and ties around the waist), and fill it with supplies, such as rattles, rubber gloves, pacifiers, hand sanitizer, a pair of tongs, nose plugs, baby wash, diapers, plastic goggles, baby wipes, etc. — Erica, e-mail

What gifts have you given the dad to be?

TURKEY THAWING: It’s one day for every four pounds of turkey for fridge thawing. I usually use a cold-water bath just because I do not have the extra room in my fridge with all the other food I have. I use a big cooler and put it in my bathtub (for easier draining). — Heather, New York

SOAP SPRITZER: If you put dish liquid and water in a spray bottle, you can do a quick spritz, rinse and dry on the stray dishes that aren’t very dirty. — Jenna J., e-mail

FLAVORED FROSTING: When I make frosting for cupcakes and cookies, instead of adding food coloring, I add drink powder. It colors and flavors the frosting. — Michele, Arizona

PREVENT BOIL-OVERS: When boiling liquid in a pan, either oil the rim of the pan or place a wooden spoon across it. The liquid won’t boil over. — Jo, Pennsylvania

TOTE IT: Each member of my family has a personal plastic carry tote for bath items, such as soap, shampoo, brush, hairspray, etc. The totes are stored in the linen closet, and, because everyone has his or her own, I don’t hear, “She used my razor on her legs” or “He didn’t clean the hair from the brush.” They each learn to make a list when they run out of an item. I also fill them up for holidays. I love that the bathroom counters aren’t cluttered up, too. — Pauline, e-mail

TIMESAVER VEGETABLES: The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is to peel vegetables. I use red potatoes and baby carrots a lot. I save time and don’t have to peel them. — Kim, New York

FRUGAL PIE SHIELD: Cut out the center of a disposable pie tin, invert, and put over the top of your pie when baking to prevent the edges of your piecrust from burning. — Carrie, e-mail

MUG WARMER: When serving hot drinks in a mug during the holidays, I use my candle-tart warmers to keep the mugs warm. It adds a special touch. Mine are electric, but the votive tart warmers would be nice, too. — Jean, Indiana

GROUPING LINENS: I fold my bedding sheets and place them inside one of the pillowcases so I don’t have to hunt through my linens to match everything up. — Stacia H., New Jersey

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