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Organize your freezer

By on June 19, 2010

Freezer organization can be a challenge. It can be more difficult with a chest freezer. Ideally, you want the older food toward the top so it gets used sooner. You can remove food from bulky packaging and repackage into labeled freezer storage bags to save space or organize into plastic bins. The first reader offers more tips.


We use different color milk crates to sort things. Meat goes in the pink one and veggies go in the black one, and so on. Then we keep a list posted above the fridge with what we have and the amount. When we take something out, we either write in the new amount we have left or mark out the listing completely (if we used it all). I also leave space to write in new things, and once we use up about half of the original stuff, I update the list on the computer and print it out (just to keep it looking neater). — Heather, Arizona


I stack like containers (round, square, etc) based on size (largest to smallest). The lids are in a large plastic dollar-store basket with largest in the rear and graduating to smallest in the front. It is super easy to match a lid to a container this way. — Jan, Indiana


I use shaving cream on light-colored carpets — the creamy kind that I can get at the dollar store. This worked great before we owned a home and were renting apartments. You know how that beige carpet always had mysterious stains that would appear after living there a few months? Squirt a little shaving cream on them and dab/blot them with a damp rag. Wait until dry and then vacuum the spot. You may have to treat it two or three times, but it works. I got soaked in, dried red soda out of white carpet and coffee out of beige carpet. — Jessica, Washington


I have a large-capacity washer, and I’ve found that washing 4 polyester pillows at a time (gentle cycle, evenly balanced out in the washer and overlapped a bit) keeps them perfectly balanced while the washing machine is going. Air dry them on a line or sitting outside in the sun, and they won’t get “lumpy,” because it’s the dryer that causes the lumps! — Sarah, Illinois


I use to work for a professional dry-cleaner company. I got this recipe from them. It’s for regular washing machine cleaning and not for dry-clean items. If nothing else, you can wash out and reuse an old window-cleaner bottle or just get one of those mayo or mustard squeeze bottles.


1 clean, empty bottle
1/8 of the bottle filled with lemon ammonia
1/8 of the bottle filled with regular liquid laundry detergent (make sure it does not have bleach)
cold water

Pour in ammonia first, then laundry detergent, then slowly add in the cold water. Swirl gently till all ingredients are will combined. Use this to saturate all garments with stains (except silk or other such extremely delicate fabrics) Saturate stains, let sit for a while, and then launder in hottest temp possible for that clothing. This will remove even old blood stains. Often, the longer the pre-treater can stay on the fabric the better it will work. — Ronda, North Carolina

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