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Terrific tuber tips

By on June 28, 2010


Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark and ventilated area away from light. Don’t refrigerate them because the starch turns to sugar. Don’t wash them before storing because the dampness promotes decay. The first reader tip shares a way to keep potatoes from the light.


I work at a farm stand. At the end of each day, we cover the potatoes with sheets. I asked why. (I thought it was to keep them warm at night, maybe?) No. To keep the light away from them! I used this idea in my kitchen. My two small bike baskets where I keep potatoes to be used immediately have dark green commercial napkins that completely surround the potatoes. Since I started doing this, the potatoes sprout a lot less. — Judi, New Hampshire


No doubt many of you do this already, but lately there have been so many free samples available, so I wanted to pass on this tip while there was still plenty of time to use it before the holidays. In the past few months, I’ve started really concentrating on ordering free samples of health and beauty aids and other items that will be nice in my kids’ stockings at Christmas whenever I see the offers. It would work for spouses, parents, etc. I’ve been keeping the coupons but have a really good stash started of cool free goodies with more than six months to go. Just a little tip. — Erika, Florida


Keep your cheese from drying out: Wrap it in a plastic bag or plastic wrap and wrap a rubber band around the end of it. The ever-popular trick: Use it to keep the battery cover on the remote. Make a reminder bracelet: Gt a thicker rubber band, write your message on it (maybe something motivational or a reminder to take your medications) and wear it on your wrist. The thicker ones on lobster claws and broccoli can be cut in half to make two thinner bands. Use to keep cords, pens, Christmas lights, etc., together in a neat package. I read about a young girl in junior high who used to wrap her diary in several rubber bands in a very elaborate way. That way, she knew when her brothers had broken into her diary. They couldn’t mimic her method of wrapping the journal in the exact order it was supposed to go. Wear your jeans a little longer while pregnant. Loop the band through the button hole and then loop the other end of the band through itself. Then loop it around the button. — Nada, Canada


Rice is frequently used as a breakfast cereal here. My kids prefer it warmed up but will eat it cold, as well. You can add sugar, butter, fruit and so forth, and it doesn’t matter if you use white or brown. Stale/going stale bread can be bought for free or next to it. I turn this into French toast and freeze it. Leftover pasta with a drop of butter and salt is another good option. Most of us prefer it heated up, but I’ve got one that wants it straight from the fridge. You can offer rice cakes, too. — G.G., e-mail

photo by f shields

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