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Organize your loyalty cards

By on August 20, 2010

Is your wallet filled with loyalty, rewards or club cards? They get disorganized and you fumble at the cash register to find the card you need. You can organize them into a card-organizer holder, bundled with a rubber band, or try KeyRingThing ( or CardStar (, which puts multiple cards onto a single card. The latter offers a mobile app, too. The first two reader tips share makeshift solutions.

loyalty cards


I hole punch mine and put them on a key ring. Always together. Most weren’t hard. For a couple, I just used a drill. Not as “pretty,” but it works. Then I smoothed with an emery board. — Noella, Canada

I have been putting them into hard plastic baseball card holders and filing them in an old 3-1/2-inch computer disk box holder. They fit great, and I can use the dividers as a little filing system. See, I knew someday I’d find a reason for saving them. — Lisa P., Connecticut


I have a small bowl beside my sink in which I keep a plastic pot scrubber and an SOS pad. The SOS pad must be kept on top of the plastic pad so air can circulate. I never have a rust problem. — Laura F., e-mail


When my two sons were small, it was easy to keep track of everyone’s socks, but as they got older and their feet approached their dad’s foot size, the problems began, and I tried several ways to keep track. The only thing that worked was to buy one style of black socks, one style of white socks, and the size that fits 3 or 4 sizes. I made room in one of their dad’s dresser drawers. The black socks were piled in the front and the white socks were piled in the back. The socks did not have to be paired because they were all the same. There was plenty so they never ran out between washings, and everybody was happy. — Lucille S., Pennsylvania


I purchased a product dispenser for the shower wall. I did this first for the kids’ bathroom, as they would use lots of soap in one squirt. I now fill the dispenser (then hide the bottles). They press the button, and it dispenses an acceptable amount of product. This dispenser has saved us more than the $20 it cost. We were so pleased that we put one in our shower. — 2ndGenGranola, New Mexico


We bought our dining set about six years ago from a run-of-the-mill furniture store. It still looks good, only has a couple minor nicks and scratches, and it’s pretty sturdy. The seat cushions however look horrible. They are upholstered in a light colored beige/yellow fabric and have gotten so dirty, I can’t even stand to look at them anymore. My son is 3 years old and is constantly spilling food and drink or wiping his hands on the seats. I’ve tried to steam clean them with minimal effect. Today I picked up two yards of a wipe-able ultra leather fabric at the surplus and salvage store. My husband helped me to remove the seats from the chairs and so far I have re-covered two of the seats. I am almost giddy over the improvement! Hopefully, we can now get at least another five or six years of use out of this set. The finish of the wood is a darker cherry stain color, which doesn’t match our plans for updating the kitchen, but I’m hoping we will be able to paint or refinish the table. I’m not sure if we can sand the top though, because I think it’s a thin veneer. For now, I am happy with just being able to keep it clean! — Sheri W., Maine

photo by joelogon

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