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Easy recipe-card holders

By on November 5, 2010

Keep your recipe cards upright while cooking by using a clothespin, wine cork with a slit cut into it, business-card holder, a binder clip or two, or a clear, stand-up acrylic picture frame. The first tip shares another easy way to keep them off the counter and easy to view.

recipe cards


I have many recipes on cards that I store in two recipe boxes. When I use them, I place them in a little groove in my cabinet door at eye level. The height is perfect and is right next to my main work area. — Darlene B., New York


I used to be a butcher. Here are some tips.
— Stocking up: Buy steaks in the dead of winter. Buy roasts in mid summer. Prime is often considered the best beef to buy. I disagree. In my opinion, Choice is tastier due to more marbling, but that is just my personal preference.
— Info you may or may not know. A Porterhouse steak is actually a New York strip on one side and filet mignon on the other side of the bone. T-bone is the same except there is less filet. A chuck roast or blade roast is excellent for stew meat. Prime rib, there is a lot of confusion with this cut of beef. This piece is where the following cuts come from:
— Rib steak, I would take this over a porterhouse any day.
— Delmonico steak is just a fancy way to say rib eye. Take the “cap” off of a rib steak and there you have the rib eye.
— Prime rib is also known as a rib roast. Don’t always buy the leanest possible piece of meat. It may not be that tender.
Lastly, if you shop at the chain stores, watch for deals on whole boneless pork loins. This is one of the pieces of meat I see most often on sale at a good price. It’s boneless so you can cut it yourself for roasts, chops, etc. –Russ, Michigan


I generally buy the generic/store brand medications. But today I was debating about which to get and noticed that the name brand had a higher amount of the medication per pill than the generic, which made the comparison harder. They make things so hard to compare these days. So I decided on the name brand because of the higher amount of the medication per pill even though I would be paying about $2 more. Then the register gave me a $2 off my next order coupon. — J. Moffitt, e-mail


I take long-sleeved shirts that my kids have outgrown and cut the sleeves off. I use the sleeves to make arm or wrist warmers. (Sweaters and sweatshirts work great for this.) Sometimes I add the sleeves to t-shirts to make them long-sleeved and unique. I use the leftover fabric from the outgrown shirt to make a ruffle, or I make an applique on the front of the t-shirt. — Janie, Georgia


I am making a t-shirt quilt right now. But I am using toddlers t-shirts. By using the back, front, and the sleeves, you can make a quilt about 60 inches by 80 inches. Real memories for the mom and dad. I even had scraps left over and made a throw pillow. Of the left oer baby blankets that I used for the border, I made a pillowcase to hold a standard pillow. Very frugal. — Lynda, e-mail

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