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Handmade Decorative Storage Boxes

By on March 25, 2011


I am always on the lookout for neat crafty ideas that I can make and use for personalized gifts to those that I love! The past few weeks those fun creative gifts have been in the form of Decorative Storage Boxes that are not only easy and fun for me to make but a project that my daughter can help out on as well! I also like it because there is no way that her ‘help’ can mess anything up!

You Will Need

Premade (undecorated) wooden or firm cardboard box (found at hobby store)
Scrapbook Paper Packet
Decoupage ( I like the Glitter kind for these)
Glue Stick
Paint Brush

How to:

Step 1- When beginning the Decorated Storage Boxes I always take a few of the Scrapbook Papers. Usually one of each pattern that I purchased and I hand them over to my daughter who gets to cut different shapes and designs out to her little heart’s content. There is no need to be picky about sizes or shapes as you will overlap and fill in and place wherever you see fit!

Step 2- As my daughter is still cutting out her fun shapes I take the glue stick and start to arrange the papers on the box in a style that suites my taste. Always making sure there is a variety of papers and patterns on each side of the box. You can also do the inside of the box if you like!

Step 3- Once the papers are just where I want them and I no longer see any part of the undecorated box I then look at the stickers that I have purchased and decide where best to place them. Put as many stickers as you like wherever you like! Get creative!

Step 4- Next I take the paint brush and the Decoupage and brush a thin coat of Decoupage on the top and sides of the box. I always leave the bottom for last and do not place any decoupage on there until the top and sides have fully dried (usually about 2 hours)

Step 5- Now you can decoupage the bottom or the insides of the box!

Step 6- Look your newly decorated storage box over. Do you see any place that the papers have lifted or that are not stuck down or shiny from the decoupage? If so than re-glue (if it is already not too firm to do this) and then add a little more decoupage! Let dry again!

Step 7- Fill with Candy, Cookies, or anything else you think your dear loved one might like!

I find these boxes cheap and easy to make! I enjoy the quality time I get with my young daughter as we make these boxes and put smiles on people’s faces! We have decorated many boxes for many occasions including weddings, birthdays, teacher gifts, Fathers Day, and more!

So the next time you are looking for something fun and productive to do with the kids I encourage you all to head to your local hobby store and pick up the items you need to make a Fun Decorative Storage Box for someone you love!

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