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Don’t throw it a-whey

By on April 29, 2011

Leftover liquid whey from making yogurt or cheese can be added to recipes for extra protein. You can use it to soak beans or cook rice or in place of water for pizza dough, biscuits and oatmeal. The first reader tip suggests a few more ways to use it.



The recipe for yogurt cream cheese from Patty A. is great, but she says to discard the liquid left over. This liquid, whey, is very nutritious. Use in baked goods, pancakes, soups, smoothies, etc., or at least feed it to the dog or cat. — Diane S., Pennsylvania
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Recently I saw a photo of very small jars, like baby food jars, with a magnet glued to the lid. The jars can be stuck to the side of the refrigerator, or on a magnetic board of their own. It makes great use of space for storing small things, and it’s easy to see what is in the jars from the bottoms sticking out. I’d like to try it. Just keeping my eye out for some little tiny jars! — Marianne, Delaware


When I buy a loaf of bread, I take four slices and wrap them in plastic wrap and do that with the whole loaf. Then put it back in the bread bag and freeze. When I need bread, I take four slices out and put it in a freezer bag on counter. I never have a problem with bread getting hard, and no wasted bread that way. — Piney, Arkansas


If you have baskets dusty from hanging or are dirty from being outside, they are dishwasher safe, small on top rack, large on bottom rack. — Barbara S., email


A variation on other people’s suggestions:
1. The plastic ring that you get from the gallon of milk is a big hit with my cats.
2. Foam low flight golf balls are a favorite. The foam allows the cats to pick them up with their teeth or claws, as if they were prey. You can get a large package of them inexpensively or snag a few from your husband’s golf bag.
3. Make just about anything enticing by spraying catnip oil onto toys that they no longer play with. –W. Langacker, email


I’ve used baby oil to grease a squeaky door. Last summer I fixed my power window in my car by taking the panel of my door off and greased up the track with Vaseline and baby oil. Those are a few components in the mainstream WD-40. I keep a bottle of baby oil in my car as a preventative measure against my door lock freezing. — Emily, email


We cut the top off old milk jugs, leaving handle and use these jugs to put plunger in. Keeps things clean and then we toss and replace occasionally at no cost. — M. Holmes, email

photo by cooking for geeks

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