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  • rubberbandbracelet
    Use a reminder bracelet to stay on track

    Reminder bracelets can be made cheaply. A beaded bracelet can help you remember to drink enough glasses of water or help kids to remember their homework, an early dismissal for an appointment, to return library books, or...

  • garagesalesign
    Set summertime savings goals

    Summer is a great time to start frugal goals. Arm yourself with a game plan for budget busters such as summer school break, back-to-school costs, increased utilities and the holidays that will be here before you know...

  • canningjars1
    Storing bulk flour

      DEAR SARA: What is a fair price for canning jars? I’m going to try dry-pack canning, and I want to buy brand new jars, seals and lids. Online, I see 8-ounce and quart jars, and some...

  • remadeclothes
    Rescue and reuse your stuff

    Don’t buy new if you have something that works just as well. Often, you can repurpose an item and produce a unique and stylish piece to add to your wardrobe or decor. What have you turned from...

  • couponorganizers1
    Five treasures that foster frugality

    Behind every frugal person is an item or two that boosts their frugality. Spending money to enhance frugal living might seem like backward thinking, but there are many free or low-cost items that can help you save...

  • healthyeatingatofficedesk
    Office Food — Seven Tips On Eating Well For Less

      Anyone who works in an office needs healthy food to give them energy and to provide the fuel for their creativity. Though the temptations are many. They come in the form of Kentucky Fried chicken, Starbucks...

  • recipebinder
    How To Declutter Your Food Ideas & Save Your Money

      Many moms are always looking for new ideas for what to make for dinner – and lunch, and breakfast, and snacks, and party foods, ect. It is nice that there are so many resources where moms...

  • tomatoseedlings
    Plant an extra row for the hungry

      DEAR SARA: I have a question about plants. I guess I should not complain. I had great germination, so what do I do with too many broccoli plants? Same with tomato plants. I can’t bear to...

  • amishfriendship
    Baking for busy families

    Baking can be quick and easy. Some recipes you can make ahead and keep handy to have fresh baked goods within minutes. This is wonderful for busy families. One example is keeping Amish friendship bread starter. Visit...

  • breaddough
    Being fabulously frugal or fanatically foolish?

    Practicing frugality is different for everyone. What might seem extreme or petty to you is everyday life for someone else. Each person decides what they’re comfortable doing to save a buck. However, there are times it’s not...

  • charliessoap
    Charlie’s soap winner

      This contest was sponsored by Charlie’s Soap ( Congratulations to Nodmicks! Nodmicks has won: A 17 oz bottle of all-purpose cleaner and an 80 load container of laundry powder. Thank you to everyone who entered!

  • candlewax
    Remove candle wax from clothing

      DEAR SARA: Help! A candle dripped on my pants. I put them in freezer and can’t get all the wax off. The pants are 95 percent acetate and 5 percent spandex. I would appreciate any help....