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New uses for an old magazine rack

By on July 3, 2011



I have quit buying magazines, so what could a magazine rack be used for? –Piney, Arkansas


You can use one in the bathroom to store rolled towels, loofahs, shampoos or body wash. Or use it in the kitchen to hold your favorite cookbooks, plastic storage container lids, rolls of foil, wax paper or plastic wrap or produce such as potatoes. You can use one in a home office to hold file folders, your children’s school work or books. Depending on the type, some can be used to hold umbrellas, cleaning supplies, garden hand tools, an emergency kit for power outages (flashlights, candles, etc.), or to hold scrapbooking supplies or yarn.


I remember as a child watching my mother take the meat out of the store packaging and wrapping it in freezer paper and marking what it was, along with the date. I’ve never done this, but now I’m wondering if I should. How do you put your meats in the freezer? –Michelle S., Massachusetts


For short-term storage in the freezer, I just keep it in the original packaging. If it’s a bulk package, I’ll portion it out and put it in freezer storage bags. If I’m placing and buying a larger order, the meat market wraps it for me. They place wax paper and plastic between each piece and then wrap it in butcher or freezer paper. It’s taped shut and labeled. They then wrap it all in a plastic bag. I will sometimes slip the smaller portions into a freezer storage bag rather than keep it all in the one big plastic bag. The meat market asks me exactly how many I want wrapped together, so it’s helpful for me to forecast how soon I will use up each bulk purchase. Before I shopped at the meat market, for longer-term freezer storage (over a month) I would simply repackage the larger purchases and wrap them with freezer paper and then wrap them again in either aluminum foil or place them in a freezer storage bag.


I need ideas for breakfast on the go. My goal is to squeeze breakfast in. I’ve been a morning meal skipper for years and want to make a change for my health. Any ideas for stuff I can grab and eat in the car? –Suzanne I., Ohio


Ideally, you should wake up a few minutes earlier and eat breakfast. It can still be quick and easy. But since you’re not asking for a lecture, here’s a few ideas that might work for you.

— Fruit. Cut assorted fruit and place it in a container or baggie. Or munch on whole or dried fruit.

— Eggs. They can be hard boiled ahead of time or microwaved in a mug quickly.

— Muffins and quick breads. Homemade ones will work out well because you can control the ingredients and the size!

— Wraps. You have a wide variety that you can put into a tortilla. Deli meats or chicken/tuna/egg salad or sandwich spreads don’t have to be reserved for lunch. Or make a savory or sweet breakfast burrito.

— English muffins. Add your favorite fruit spread, or make breakfast sandwiches or a mini breakfast pizza. Cream cheese, peanut butter, apple butter or Nutella are quick and easy spreads. Not a big fan of English muffins? Try pita bread, bagels, croissants or make a big batch of pancakes or waffles on the weekends and reheat them during the week.

— Smoothies or yogurt. Add granola, cereal, wheat germ, muesli, fruit or oatmeal to yogurt. And speaking of cereal, you can add some to a bag and bring along milk separately in a travel mug. Just munch and sip on-the-go.

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  1. Carrie

    7/4/2011 at 12:56 pm

    @Suzanne, I have traditionally eaten breakfast at home before work, but lately have been taking trail mix with me in the car. I have little Rubbermaid containers about 1/2 cup in size and they fit perfectly in my car’s cupholder within easy reach.

  2. Luke

    7/7/2011 at 3:05 pm

    Ahh dang ! Last week i gave away my racks to the neighbor! (deemed useless) He is probably a reader of your blog and now is laughing hard 🙂

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