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Clean a cloudy vase

By on September 12, 2011


Dear Sara:

I have a small vase that has become cloudy after having water in it. Do you have a remedy for this? I know that you can purchase CLR, but I do not need that much. Thank you. — Carol, Florida

Dear Carol:

You can add dry rice and vinegar and water or a squirt of dishwashing liquid and water and swish the rice around the vase. You can use a baby bottle brush, too. Sometimes, a quick wipe with nail polish remover works. Afterward, wash the vase thoroughly with dish soap and water. You can use a toothbrush and scrub the vase with white toothpaste and rinse. Try a denture tablet such as Efferdent with water, and let the vase soak or rub petroleum jelly inside it and leave it for a few days. Then wash it as usual. Hopefully, one of the above methods will work. But it’s possible the vase is permanently etched.

Dear Sara:

I need gift ideas for 20 ladies. At the end of the year (usually early December), before we break for the holiday, my dance class has a little party where we eat a lot of food at a potluck, listen to music, dance a little and exchange small gifts. The gifts are in no way obligatory, but I like to give them and have to buy in quantity. In the past I have given homemade bath salts, small silver pendants, bracelets, and last year I gave earrings. I got them wholesale for about $1 a pair and they were pretty nice. Some of the other girls gave candles, incense and jewelry. I’m looking for new ideas for nice, small gifts that I can buy 20 or 30 at a time without shelling out too much. My budget is about $1.50 per person, a total of about $30. I’ve looked at eBay and have not come up with much. Prices have gone up, of course! I appreciate any suggestions. — C.H., Missouri

Dear C.H.:

Dollar stores, Target and Michaels all have dollar items. Check Oriental Trading Company, too; it has candy sticks that would be nice bundled as a gift. You can make custom wrappers for candy bars. Create your own by using the retail wrapper as a template or visit for felt wrappers or visit for free printable wrappers.
Other options include: notepad/pen set, homemade food gifts such as peppermint bark wrapped in cellophane (visit or for recipes), chocolate-covered pretzel rods, fresh-baked cookies, homemade caramel or flavored popcorn, a pair of taper candles bundled with French ribbon, tea (visit for free printable tea envelopes), ornaments or seed packets (visit for free printable seed packet templates). Root beer reindeer are cute. Buy root beer or any bottled beverage such as cola, apple juice, Frappucino, etc. Twist pipe cleaner antlers to the top just underneath the bottle cap; just below, add a red pom-pom nose, wiggle eyes and use a thin piece of fleece as a scarf. Hope this helps!

photo by Luda Bazaar

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