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Use corncob stock

By on November 2, 2011


Dear Sara:

I froze corn today and am wondering what I can make with the broth. It smells too good to throw away. — B.F., Pennsylvania

Dear B.F.:

I’d use corn stock in soup, chowder or risotto. You can use it in most recipes that call for chicken or vegetable broth. Freeze the stock in ice cube trays and you can use it as needed. Or make corn cob jelly. Visit
for a recipe. Tastes great on toast, biscuits and cornbread, or as a glaze for grilled chicken.

Dear Sara:

I’m looking for ideas for meals to make and deliver for young families. What’s healthy enough to eat regularly, heats and stores easily (could be frozen if they weren’t up for dinner that night), tastes good and could be consumed by a 1-year-old as well as a 35-year-old semi-food snob? — Margaret L., New England

Dear Margaret:

You could send over trays of cut fruit, vegetables, sandwich rolls, crackers, deli meats and cheese. You could make lasagna or baked ziti, soup/stew, roast chicken and rice that’s easily reheated, fettuccine alfredo, beef or pork roast (which can easily be used as sandwich fillings), baked potatoes, casseroles, waffles, pancakes, meatloaf or meatballs, muffins, bagels and spreads.

Dear Sara:

We are having a chili cook-off at work, and the committee I’m on will supply the crackers, desserts etc. I have tons of cookie recipes, but do you have any suggestions for “fall-type” cookies or baked goods that would go well with chili? — GG, forums

Dear GG:

Brownies don’t seem like a bad idea to me. Quick breads could also be an option. For recipes, visit You could make muffins, apple crisp, bread pudding, cheesecake or cupcakes, too. As for cakes, you could make a carrot cake, pumpkin roll or pumpkin bundt cake. While they aren’t ‘baked’ suggestions, a trifle or tiramisu, parfait or fruit tart would be nice. Snickerdoodles would taste great after chili, too, or you can make oatmeal or gingerbread cookies. Bar cookies are probably easier. Visit for oatmeal bars and s’mores bars recipes.

photo by mary thompson

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