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Reuse tea bags

By on May 27, 2012

Many people save a used tea bag to make a second cup of tea. You can add them to your compost pile, apply a tea bag compress to your face to help reduce puffy eyes, and use them to relieve the discomfort associated with sunburn, bug bites or razor burn, too.
The first reader tip offers another way to reuse tea bags:



Save them, dry them, dip them in melted wax and use them as fire starters. To make the melted wax, place leftover candle wax in an aluminum can and create a doubleboiler by placing the can in two inches of water in a medium saucepan. Each waxed tea bag burns for about five minutes. — Kelly, Maine


You can make restaurant-style “Mexican rice” at home! Put leftover cooked white rice in a skillet with a few pats of butter, then mix in one tomato/chicken flavor bouillon cube (crumbled) and 1/2 cup water. Let it simmer until the rice absorbs everything. Don’t add any extra salt; the bouillon has plenty! — Gin, Arizona


Whenever I end up with a sock that’s lost its mate or has a big hole in it, I take used dryer sheets, stuff the sock with them, and then stuff the sock into a pairof shoes that I won’t be wearing for a while. The dryer sheets help keep the shoes smelling nicer, and the sock helps them keep their shape and prevents dust, lint, pet hair, etc. from getting inside. — Beth, Missouri


For years, we had battles during Christmas over our married children spending more time at their in-laws. They either rushed through dinner at our home or arrived already full from being somewhere else. It was disappointing and frustrating, so we started a new tradition. Now, I have everyone over the weekend after the first of the year and we celebrate then. Not only is it more enjoyable, but everything is on sale after the holiday season is over, so it costs far less, too.


When cooking bacon, use chopsticks to move the bacon from the packaging to your pan and to flip and move the bacon to a plate when it’s done. The chopsticks won’t scratch your pan and they make the job easy. — Lilly, Illinois


If you fish, milk cartons are great for filling with fresh fillets. Put in enough water to cover the fish, then freeze upright. You can even stack them in the freezer! Be sure to wash the cartons before using. — Debbie, Minnesota

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