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Tips to help avoid fading hair color

By on May 27, 2012


Dear Sara:

How do I keep my hair color from fading? I just got my hair highlighted yesterday (color, not bleach) and it’s an expensive process. But usually within the first two weeks it fades a lot. I’ve done some reading and learned that hair color fades the most in the first two weeks and then stabilizes. I also heard that if I rinse it in vinegar it will stop the fading, but when I looked on the Internet I discovered that’s what I’m supposed to do if it’s too dark and I want it to fade faster. I don’t know what to do! — Bunny, Virginia

Dear Bunny:

I’m not a specialist in this area, but I’ve had good success with Redken Color Extend. You might find that brands such as TRESemme Color Revitalize Shampoo work just as well. I suggest you use cooler water versus hot water to shampoo, and avoid washing your hair in the first 48 hours after coloring. Semi-permanent color fades faster than permanent hair color. Red dyes fade more quickly than other colors, too. I would think vinegar would lead to more fading, so I would focus more on making sure your hair is healthy and conditioned and not dry or damaged prior to coloring.

Dear Sara:

Do we have to clean the eggshells if we store them for a day or so before using them as compost on houseplants? — Mimi, email

Dear Mimi:

I would wash the eggshells so they don’t attract bugs.

Dear Sara:

What do you think when you see an obscene display of wealth (which frugal people see all the time, right)? Today I saw a guy in his early 30s driving a Porsche Carrera, a pretty common sight where I live as there are many wealthy (or apparently wealthy) people living in my part of town. When I see that kind of blatant display of wealth, it just screams insecurity to me. Do they really value the fine engineering that can only be found in a Porsche, or are they just trying to impress the guy in the next lane? I just feel so lucky to not be caught up in all of that. I’m curious to know if you feel as annoyed as I do about such blatant displays of wealth. — B. Smith, forums

Dear B. Smith:

I can’t say I think much about it. I suppose if I look for an example that annoys me, it would be when people are wasteful. But this happens with some people whether they’re wealthy or not. While I’m not extreme over it (I don’t force my kids to eat every speck off their plate until it’s clean — I simply encourage them to only take what they can eat), seeing food wasted seems to bother me the most. I can’t help but think about those who go without. But when it comes to luxury cars or boats, homes, fashion, jewelry, etc., I just don’t place as much value or priority on those kinds of things, so it doesn’t affect me much. I don’t consider those items obscene displays of wealth, though. It’s not up to me to judge how other people spend their money or how much. I don’t need to contrast another person’s spending with my own frugality. And on the flip side, I don’t really care how others value my own personal “wealth.”

photo by dno1967b

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