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Alternative uses for cloth diapers

By on June 1, 2012
cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are a good investment. They’re durable, so after they’ve saved you money on diapering your baby, they can be resold, donated or used around your home. Get them out of storage and put them to use.


Cleaning rags:

Cloth diapers are sold in bulk specifically for cleaning purposes. They’re lint-free and absorbent, so they’re great for dusting furniture, cleaning automobiles and boats, mopping up big kitchen spills or drying a wet-mopped floor. One reader, Diana from Iowa, shares: “I used cloth diapers on my child, who is now in his 30s. So my old diapers are old! But I have used them over the years as dust cloths, window-washing cloths, car washing cloths, etc. I wrap them around my Swiffer to scrub floors. My hubby uses them in the shop as rags for cleaning brushes or wiping his hands, too.”

Muddy feet:

Need to clear mud from paws or shoes? Grab a cloth diaper to do the job. Keep a couple on hand in the car for any accidental spills or to help with the mess of winter boots, too.

First-aid kit:

Keep one in your first-aid kit to wrap around an ice pack or to absorb blood from a wound. Another reader, A.M. from Pennsylvania, shares: “I use them as Kleenex. I have sinus and allergy trouble. A soft cloth diaper is much more gentle on a tender nose.”

For kids:

Children can use them to diaper dolls or to use as doll blankets. Place them on the ground to use as agility squares/markers for footwork drills and exercises.


Use to cushion items when packing for a move.

Hot pads:

Keep one handy to grab hot pot handles or pans in the oven.


Keep a couple in the bathroom to dry the floor after a shower, or use to dry a dog after you bathe him. They work even better than a towel.


Cloth diapers work well as pillow liners or on the bed when kids are sick. They’re useful to help with potty training accidents. They work well for pet accidents, beds, crates and carriers, too. Another reader, Palooka from Pennsylvania, shares: “If you like to paint or do any home remodeling, use cloth diapers for cleaning up mistakes made with the paint. They save us a lot of money over paper towels.” When you run a vaporizer, you can place a cloth diaper underneath it so the floor or carpet doesn’t get wet, too.

Homemade wipes:

Pour a cleaning solution into an empty baby-wipes container, cut cloth diapers into squares and stack them in the container, allowing them to absorb the solution. Clearly label all containers. Another reader, Denise from Illinois, shares her own homemade cleaning solutions:
— Facial wipes: 2 tablespoons Johnson and Johnson Baby Bath and 2 cups water.
— Bathroom disinfectant wipes: 2 cups pine cleaner (or Lysol) and 2 cups water.
— Bug wipe: 1 cup Avon Skin So Soft and 1 cup water. — Anti-bacterial wipes: 1 gallon water and 2 tablespoons bleach.
— Window wipes: 1 cup glass cleaner and 1 1/2 cups water.

photo by Ja-nelle

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