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Easy way to store spare sheets

By on June 1, 2012
sheet storage

If you don’t have a lot of storage space, you can still store your spare sheets with ease. Place them under your mattress, or fold them and tuck them inside a storage container and keep it under your bed. Or you can simply hang them on an open-ended hanger (made specifically for linens) in your closet.
The first reader tip has another suggestion:


Sheet storage:

I fold fitted sheets as best I can, then store them inside the matching pillowcase, along with the top sheet and the other pillowcase. It looks tidy on the shelf, and it’s all in one place when it’s time to change the bedding. — M.F., Canada

Hydrogen peroxide use:

Gargling hydrogen peroxide is great for stopping or reducing a sore throat. — Dave S., email

No-grate Laundry Soap:

3 tablespoons Borax
3 tablespoons washing soda
2 tablespoons Dawn dish soap

Put these ingredients in a one-gallon jug, then add 4 cups boiling water. Swirl until ingredients are dissolved in the liquid. Let liquid cool, then fill almost to the top with cold water. Use 1/2 cup per load.
For a concentrated version: Boil 2 cups water, add all ingredients, mix well. Let cool in a glass measuring cup. Pour into a jug and add another 2 cups of water. Stir and let sit overnight. Use 1/8 cup per load.

Dawn stain recipe:

1 cup water
1 cup Dawn dish soap
1 cup ammonia

When I used the non-concentrated Dawn dish soap, I just used one part Dawn and one part ammonia. Much cheaper than OxiClean! You can also make a stain remover by mixing one part hydrogen peroxide and one part Dawn dish soap and using it as you would Shout. — Amanda W., email

Reader Jacqui shares several tips via email:

Use for Dawn dish liquid: I had a case of poison ivy that defied my doctor, despite four weeks of shots and prescription meds. The pharmacist told me to scrub with Dawn Bleach Alternative in the shower instead of soap. He said the bleach alternative ingredients would kill it and the Dawn soap would remove the poison oil. It worked for me — the poison ivy rash was gone in four days!
Reuse dish soap bottles: I fill an empty dish detergent bottle with bleach and give a squirt to my dishwater and the dishwasher.
Use it up: I squeeze all the little takeout packets of ketchup, mustard, etc. into my bigger bottles at home — that way they don’t get too old before I use them. I just don’t understand why people throw those away!
Drying rack: I have an extra shower curtain rod centered over my bathtub that I use to hang clothes on hangers to dry. It works well, and I hide it by simply closing the shower curtain!

Soil deals:

My neighbor recently asked a worker at the Home Depot what they do with all of the bags of garden soil, mulch, peat moss, etc. that have rips in them. The employee pointed to a pallet stacked with ripped bags of the stuff and told my neighbor that they sell it all for $25-36 per stack. Some of this merchandise normally sells for more than $9 per bag. My neighbor loaded his truck for $25. When he had finished using what he needed, he gave us what was left over, which was two huge bags of Miracle-Gro garden soil and a bag of mulch. It never hurts to ask — you just never know what kind of deals you can find. — M.H., Texas

photo by LizMarie AK

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