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Uses for old sheets

By on June 2, 2012
old sheet quilt

Threadbare sheets can still be used around your home. Cut out a portion to make a new ironing board cover, cut a sheet into small squares to make drawer sachets/pouches, use one as a tarp to rake leaves on and drag the sheet to your leaf pile, or simply let kids play with one to make a fort or tent. You can find additional ideas at
The first reader tip shares another idea:


New use for old sheets:

I use them as quilt squares for rag quilts. Use them on the front and back, and add solid flannel in the middle. They look very antique! Two full-size sheets make more than enough for a double-sized quilt. I made mine using cotton Pottery Barn sheets I found at the thrift shop for $1. I love to upcycle! — Kelly, email

Little things that waste money:

Reader K. Jarrett from Alabama writes in with lots of little things that add up to big money-wasters:
1. Fridge running inefficiently. Watch out for build-up of dust on the coils next to the motor or ice between the freezer and fridge. Both cause the motor to work harder, wasting more electricity. I remove the fridge grill and use an old toothbrush to clean off the dust. Also, lowering your fridge settings will discourage ice build-up.
2. Empty fridge. Food is an insulator, so stock up your fridge and it won’t have to run so often. I normally put my cans and jars in the fridge, even if they are unopened, to keep more of the cool in.
3. Car tires not properly inflated. To help maximize your car’s mpg, make sure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications.
4. Driving. Aggressive driving usually burns more fuel.
5. Air conditioner in the car. To burn less fuel, I put my air conditioner on low and crack the windows for air circulation. The A/C should only be used when going over 55 mph; it’s more efficient to open a window at lower speeds.
6. Stove. Boiling water on the stove is a waste. Invest in an electric kettle, which uses less electricity than a stovetop. One cup is more efficient in the microwave; two cups are more efficient in an electric kettle.
7. House A/C. Close your shades! With your shades open, you’re cooling the air while letting in heat.

Use for butter wrappers:

In one of your previous articles, there was a reader tip about saving wrappers from butter or margarine and using them to grease pans before baking. You might want to try this yourself. I did this for the longest time, but my poundcakes kept sticking to the tube pans. When I told my daughter’s mother-in-law I greased my pans with butter papers, she said, “There’s your problem. You have to use the old-fashioned pan sprays.” She was right! No more sticking poundcakes! However, those same butter papers wrapped around a potato for baking make the scrubbed skin delectable. — Jerrie O., email

Utensil organizer:

I use one in my bathroom to hold toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes, razors, combs, etc. Much better than having everything on the vanity or shoved in a drawer. — Karen, Florida

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