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New uses for an old TV armoire

By on June 28, 2012
tv armoire

When you get a new television, it might not fit your existing armoire. Chances are you paid a considerable amount of money for that armoire, so rather than throwing it away or trying to sell it (you won’t get much for it), use it in other rooms in your home.
Here are a few ideas:


Craft storage:

An armoire works well to hold assorted craft supplies, such as fabric, ribbons, scrapbooking items, yarn, etc. But it doesn’t have to be just for an adult hobbyist. You can store craft supplies for kids, or even board games and toys.

Kitchen items:

Need a place to store bulky appliances that take up too much cabinet or counter space in the kitchen? An armoire is ideal to hold a slow cooker, blender, waffle iron, roaster, canisters, etc. Or store your pots and pans, spare dishes, holiday table linens, place mats, cookbooks, candles and large mixing bowls inside. You can also use an armoire as a freestanding pantry.

Dry bar:

Store your wine and liquor, along with stemware, trays, shaker, decanters and other barware, inside. You can serve straight from the armoire, or add a sliding shelf for greater ease. Add some lights and a mirror inside to finish the look.

Hidden office:

Add a sliding shelf and a chair, then place your computer, office supplies, printer and fax machine inside. This is most helpful in homes that have multifunctional rooms. It’s a space-saver and keeps everything tucked away. Or use it as a homework station for the kids and store school supplies inside.


It can still be used to hold entertainment items such as video or computer games, game consoles, controllers, DVDs, CDs and books. It can be a charging station, too.

Family gear:

An armoire is large enough to hold sports bags and gear. It could also work well in a mudroom, entryway, basement or hallway to hold various items such as school supplies, umbrellas, shoes, winter gear, etc.


Save on closet space and use an old armoire to store your bulky comforters, spare pillows, pillowcases, sheets and sleeping bags.

Laundry room:

An armoire can look nicer than open shelving in the laundry room. Add all of your laundry supplies, such as detergent, bleach, stain removers, fabric softener, iron and even clean clothes or mismatched socks. You can store some household cleaning products, too.

In the garage:

Move it to the garage to hold tools, garden supplies, outdoor games and toys, fishing tackle and camping gear.

Holiday storage:

Put all of your ornaments, wrapping paper and seasonal decorations into an armoire for safekeeping and easy accessibility. Or use it as a gift closet to stash gift items you buy throughout the year.


“Armoire” is French for “closet.” Add a rod and you can hang clothing inside, or fold clothes and store them in the drawers. An old armoire can be a cute storage place for kids’ costumes or dress-up clothes, too.

Pet food and supplies:

Use an armoire to hold pet food, leashes, toys, grooming products and more. To see a beautiful armoire turned into an aviary, visit

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