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Visa Prepaid Know Your Numbers Game

By on December 17, 2012

Disclaimer: I am posting on behalf of Visa Prepaid and received compensation for my time from Visa for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Visa’s. Discover more at or join the Visa Prepaid community at

Don’t you wish your tax return arrived before the holidays? It’s been many years since I’ve received a tax return. I owe every year and look forward to the summer months when expenses are lower because the holidays and tax season have passed. Sometimes I miss having that little extra money to add to my emergency fund. Back then, it was a bit easier. There was a simple form to fill out and it was filed in no time. But I hated to wait for the return to arrive. Now it seems many people have their returns before I’ve even filed. Times have certainly changed over the years. Now you can e-file and wait for a paper check or get direct deposit which takes typically 10 days. There’s even Visa Prepaid cards which are ideal for loading your tax refund, because it directly deposits your refunds on your card, which is faster than waiting for a check in the mail, too. Plus, because of Visas “zero liability” policy, your tax refund is safe, even if your card is lost or stolen. However, when going to a tax preparer, many people do not know the account number or routing number of their Visa Prepaid cards. As a result, they are unable to take advantage of directly loading their tax refunds onto their Visa Prepaid cards.

To help people get ready for tax season, Visa created the Know Your Numbers instant win game, where one can play a game for a chance to win a tablet PC or $15 Visa Gift card while learning about the importance of knowing one’s accounting and routing numbers. Furthermore, each game play gives the user an opportunity to win the grand prize of a $2,000 Visa Gift card.

To check out the Visa Prepaid Know Your Numbers game, please visit:


Tell me how you file your taxes and what are your plans for your tax return? 

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