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Funny DIY Dog Costumes to Try This Halloween

By on August 24, 2016
Funny DIY Dog Costumes to Try This Halloween

Halloween is the time of year when you can be anyone or anything you want. Not only do you have the opportunity to pretend for a day or two, but you can include your dog in the festivities! Below you will find a collection of funny DIY dog costumes to try this Halloween.

  • Hairy Potter – If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series you can make a play on words by turning your dog into “Hairy” Potter. Some black fabric is all you need to create a cape for your dog then give him a nice red and gold tie (or a scarf) and a pair of glasses.
  • Chia Pet – If you were alive during the 80s you undoubtedly remember the Chia Pet. With a little work you can turn your dog (or a laid-back cat) into a pun on this popular toy. Start by taking an orange onesie and cut off the feet so your dog can wear it. Then, with some hot glue just attach some fake plants to the onesie and your costume is complete!
  • Lego – If have a toy breed dog, why not turn him into an actual toy by making him a Lego costume! All you need is a cardboard box that will fit comfortably over your dog’s body (with holes cut out for the legs and head, of course), then paint it red and add some plastic cups to the top to form the knobs on top of the Lego.
  • Horse and Jockey – This costume works particularly well for large dogs and it is sure to get a good laugh. Start with a regular dog harness and a lightweight fabric doll. Just place the harness on your dog and sit the fabric doll on top to be the jockey. If you are feeling extra creative you can sew on a fabric number to the harness.
  • Mutant Spider – Turning your dog into a mutant spider is sure to catch some people by surprise (that is where the funny part comes in). It might take a little more work than some of the other costumes on this list but it will definitely be worth the effort. Start with a large fake spider prop from a Halloween costume store and cut off the legs then sew them onto a dog vest or a black t-shirt that will fit your dog. As your dog walks around, the legs will move, giving him a real-life spider look!
  • Poodle – This funny dog costume is two layers deep – it involves turning a dog into a dog. Everyone knows what a poodle looks like, so even if you aren’t exact with your placement people will get the idea. Just take some big white foam balls or pom-poms and wrap them around your dog’s legs, tail and neck to give him that puffy Poodle look.

When it comes to DIY dog costumes, the opportunities are endless.

With some creativity you can turn your dog into your favorite TV show character or create a pun costume that is sure to capture attention. Just don’t forget to take pictures so you can enjoy your DIY funny dog costume all year long!

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