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No More Hand-Me-Downs: Dressing Your Children on a Budget

By on October 20, 2016
Dressing Your Children on a Budget

Depending how many children you have, at least one of them is probably used to wearing hand-me-downs. This is a great way to get some extra use out of your child’s clothing, but it can sometimes lead to a problem when one of your children gets new clothes and the other has to wear the leftovers. If you want to make sure that all of your kids get to have new clothes (or at least clothes that are new to them), follow these simple tips for dressing your children on a budget.

Tips for Saving Money on Kids’ Clothes

Whether you are stocking up for back-to-school season or just trying to keep up with your child’s latest growth spurt, buying clothes is an expense that no family can avoid. Just because you have to constantly buy new clothes for your kids, however, doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on them. Keep reading to learn how and where to find inexpensive clothes so your child doesn’t have to wear hand-me-downs for the rest of his life!

  1. Shop ahead to take advantage of sales. Near the end of each season, department stores and other clothing stores put their seasonal items on sale to make room for new stock. This means that the best time to buy is about a month or two before the season ends. You can find great deals on new clothes and you can put some away for the following year.
  2. Buy you children play clothes. Are you tired of throwing out pairs of dress pants because your child wears holes in the knees? Save yourself a lot of money by purchasing inexpensive play clothes so your kids don’t ruin their nice clothes.
  3. Organize a clothing swap with friends. If your children complain about getting hand-me-downs from a sibling, try swapping clothes with some of your friends who also have children. The clothes will be new to your child but they won’t cost you anything!
  4. Have your children share basics. Wardrobe staples like coats, boots, snow pants, and hoodies can be pricy if you purchase quality items that are going to last. Rather than buying two sets of the same thing, try buying just one of each item when it becomes absolutely necessary to replace them and have your younger children grow into them.
  5. Take care of your child’s clothing so it lasts. There are a few simple things you can do to make your child’s clothing last as long as possible. Make sure to treat stains as soon as they happen, and wash your clothes in cold water then dry them on low heat or hang them to dry. With shoes, use weather-proofing treatments.

Kids grow up fast so they are always growing out of their clothes. Having your younger children wear hand-me-downs can save a lot of money, but it is not the only way to dress your children on a budget. Follow the tips listed above to give your kids the clothing they need without breaking the bank.

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