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The Top 5 Cold Weather Hacks

By on October 20, 2016
The Top 5 Cold Weather Hacks

As beautiful as a fresh layer of snow may be, it comes with a nasty side effect – cold. Keeping warm during the winter is a constant struggle but this year you don’t have to worry! With the top five cold weather hacks listed below you and your family can keep warm this winter without breaking the bank with high heating bills. Best of all, these solutions are simple and cost-effective!

  1. Automate Your Coffee Maker – Nothing warms you up quicker than a steaming cup of hot coffee. If your coffee maker doesn’t have an automatic feature you can create one for yourself so you wake up to a hot pot of coffee every morning. Simply plug your coffee maker into an automatic timer and set it for about 15 minutes before you usually wake up. Fill the coffee pot with water and grounds the night before and wake up to fresh coffee every morning!
  2. Block Drafts with Pipe Insulation – If you have an older home (or at least an older door), you are probably wasting a lot of heat because cold air is creeping in under your door. A simple solution to this problem is to cut a piece of foam pipe insulation to the length of your door, cut it down the middle, and slide it onto the bottom of the door. When you close the door, it will create a tight seal so no more winter air sneaks into your home.
  3. Use Foil to Reflect Radiator Heat – If your home is heated with radiators, you may be wasting half of the heat that comes out of them into your walls. All you have to do to reflect that heat back into your room is to line a piece of foam board or cardboard with foil and slip it between the radiator and the wall. Just be careful about what materials you use – don’t use anything flammable.
  4. Hang Quilts Over Your Windows – To keep your house warm on a budget, try using old quilts as thermal curtains to keep the cold out. This is especially effective if you have older single-pane windows because these let a lot of cold in and they also let the heat seep out. You can also hang quilts on your walls to provide a little extra insulation.
  5. Melt Ice with Rubbing Alcohol – If you are tired of slipping and sliding on icy steps, try making your own de-icing solution using rubbing alcohol and dishwashing liquid. Simply mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol per half gallon of hot water then pour it over your steps and sidewalk to melt ice.

When the temperature drops and the heating bills rise, you don’t have to resign yourself to either freezing or paying out a fortune each month to the gas company. By using some of the simple cold weather hacks described above you can keep warm and stay on budget this winter!

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