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Simple New Year’s Resolutions That Will Save You Money

By on December 22, 2016
Simple New Year’s Resolutions That Will Save You Money

Saving money is a super popular New Year’s resolution — and for good reason. We could all do a bit better with budgeting and being less wasteful with our cash.

Here are seven simple New Year’s resolutions that’ll help you save you some money:

1. Eat out Less

The price gap between cooking meals at home and eating out is getting even larger. You could save a lot of money just by cooking meals at home.

The pull of quick and easy fast food or having someone cook a meal for you is tempting, but try to reserve it for special occasions. You could save yourself a lot more than you think.

2. Skip the Morning Starbucks

The cheapest cup of coffee at Starbucks and similar chains is around $2. That’s just straight coffee, with no special syrups or anything. However, if you buy a bag yourself and brew it, the cost ranges anywhere from 75 cents to $1.50, depending on how strong it is.

Besides, if you’re getting flavors and whipped cream, that can also be a lot of empty calories you don’t need. So brewing at home helps your wallet and your health.

3. Cut up Those Credit Cards

Having a credit card makes spending money way too convenient. It’s quick, and you don’t actually have to pay the bill right away. It “dulls the pain of paying.”

Paying in cash makes you look harder at what you’re spending, and an ATM card is actually taking it out of your bank account right away. Use one of those methods to cut down on impulse purchases.

4. Curb the Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol — especially at a bar — is downright expensive. We tend to drink out of boredom or because it’s a popular activity for socializing. But it all adds up quick.

When you’re out with friends, just drink water. Even soda is less expensive. And avoid the temptation of buying a bottle or a case for at home, too. There are plenty of other — less expensive — beverages.

5. Focus on Saving

If you have a goal to save toward or an emergency fund you want to build up, you’ll be less likely to spend that money on other things.

Set up an ideal amount to be contributing to this fund, and don’t let anything catch your eye to take you away from that.

6. Find a Side Job

If there’s room in your schedule, look into a side job. Taking on some customers for a ride share service or working some retail shifts on the weekends is a great way to put a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Look for options you can do at home as well, like freelance writing or making crafts and other things to sell online.

7. Pay off Debt

While this necessarily isn’t about saving money, it’ll take a huge weight off of your shoulders. Paying off all of your debt means you can start actually accumulating money that doesn’t instantly go to paying stuff off.

New Year’s resolutions are meant to be easy to attain. Try these simple solutions and save money in the New Year!

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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