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A Look At The Tiny House Movement

By on February 1, 2017
A Look At The Tiny House Movement

Go into the smallest room in your home. What is it… 150 square feet? 200? Now imagine that everything you own is going to fit in that space. Throw in a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft and you’ve got yourself a tiny house. Could you live in that much (less) space?

A surprising number of your fellow Americans have declared, “Yes, I can go tiny.” The tiny house and small log cabin movement is not only popping up all over reality TV but it is changing the approach people are taking to home ownership and savings. Is a tiny home in your future? Consider these factors:

Hardly Any Mortgage

A new tiny home can be built for as little as $25K up to $55K, or sometimes a little more depending on the size. That hovers around the price of a brand new car. The payments are about the same, too. You could find yourself making mortgage payments on a tine up of under $400 a month. Two things can happen then: You’ll be saving a lot more money and you’ll probably pay that off a lot quicker. Right now, around 78% of tiny homeowners own their home outright compared to 68% of traditional homeowners.

Hardly Any Utility Bills

Did you know that a light bulb’s energy is 10% light and 90% heat? You might be able to heat a tiny home with a few well placed tiny lamps. An exaggeration? Perhaps but heating and/or cooling a tiny home is probably going to cost you less than what you would spend at Starbucks in a month. More savings adding up.

Hardly Any Cost For Land

A tiny home or cabin leaves a tiny footprint. Yes, you’ll need some hooks up for power and water but those are easy to come by. You don’t always have to own the land your tiny home sits on. You could plop it down on some farm acreage and make a deal with the farmer for use. Mow the lawn, get the land. You could even put your tiny home in your own backyard and rent out your current home. Cha-ching.

Hardly Any Clutter

You can’t bring clutter into a tiny home. It will literally stand out like a sore thumb. You might not even have room for a sore thumb. There is a lot to be said about freeing yourself from clutter. It’s good for the living space and it’s good for the mind.

Without clutter, you also have the option of maximizing your space with the minimum amount of furniture. Luckily, a lot of designers are getting on board the tiny house train and are providing stylish and cozy pieces to fill out your tiny home or cabin.

You might also look at living in a tiny home as a kind of social experiment. It might be nice for single residents or newlyweds, but it might not be right for you if you plan on starting a family. Having a tiny dog is one thing but tiny babies quickly become not so tiny. The good news is that it appears you won’t have any trouble selling your tiny home to the next curious enthusiast since they’re in such high demand right now.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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