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Free or Inexpensive Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

By on April 5, 2017
Free or Inexpensive Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

When the school year ends and your kids come home, how are you going to keep them busy? Every parent dreads the phrase, “I’m bored,” but unless you have some ideas up your sleeve it’s going to become the most common phrase you hear this summer.

To keep your kids occupied during their school break, try some of these free and inexpensive ideas for kid-friendly summer fun.

  1. Go fishing. Whether or not you actually catch anything, kids love going fishing. Dress your kids up in khakis and rubber boots then taking them to the local watering hole to cast their nets. If you’re using real fishing rods, be sure to thread the hooks for your kids and teach them about fishing rod safety before you let them use the rods.
  2. Plan a bike parade. Create flyers and post them around your neighborhood, advertising a bike parade for kids. Then encourage your child and their friends to decorate their bikes with stickers and streamers and have them all parade through the neighborhood, ending at the local park for a cookout. It’s even better if you can plan it to coincide with a summer holiday like the 4th of July.
  3. Take a tour of the local fire station. Kids are fascinated by fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, so take advantage of their curiosity to plan a day of fun. Call ahead to your local police station or fire station to see if you can take your kids and some of their friends on a tour. This is also a good way to help your children develop a positive association with police and other emergency personnel.
  4. Create an obstacle course. Gather your kids and their friends for a day of backyard fun by building an obstacle course. Create a series of obstacles such as hoops to jump through, tunnels to crawl through, and barriers to climb. At the end, dish out prizes and have a celebration!
  5. Hold a neighborhood game night. Invite some friends and their children over for a neighborhood game night once a week or every two weeks. Set the kids up with some snacks and kid-friendly games while the adults enjoy a glass of wine and a more adult game. You could even hold a murder mystery party if you can find enough people to participate.
  6. Bake cookies for your neighbors. Baking is a hands-on activity that all kids love. Take out your favorite family recipe and help your kids make up a batch or two of treats to pass around to your neighbors. And don’t forget to enjoy some of the treats yourself!
  7. Have a lemonade stand. Setting up a lemonade stand is an experience all children should have. Not only is it a fun way to spend an afternoon, but it can help them to learn about money as well.
  8. Plant a garden. If you have some extra space in your backyard, have your children plan and plant a garden. Fill your garden with fresh herbs and vegetables or turn it into a flower garden to attract pollinators by planting native flowers.

Keeping your kids entertained during the summer can sometimes be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. The next time your kids express boredom, try one of these kid-friendly summer fun ideas.

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