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Tips for Building a DIY Fire Pit

By on April 5, 2017
Tips for Building a DIY Fire Pit

There are few better ways to enjoy a warm summer evening than to gather around a fire pit with friends. You can purchase free-standing fire pits at your local home and garden store, but nothing really compares to a solid, built-in fire ring. Keep reading to receive some helpful tips for planning and building a DIY fire pit on your property.

Before You Start to Build

Once you’ve decided to build a fire pit, you may be eager to get started. Before you begin to build, however, there are a few things you need to do. For example, you need to check with the building codes where you live to make sure that it is legal for you to build a fire pit on your property.

If it is, there may be certain specs and regulations you need to follow, so be sure to find out what those are as well. Once you’ve made sure that it is legal to have a fire pit, you need to choose the ideal location. Select a spot that is far away from any low-hanging trees or permanent structures so they don’t accidentally catch fire if the flames get too high. You’ll also want to be very careful about digging the hold for your fire pit so you don’t hit any utility lines.

Building Tips for a Fire Pit

After you have chosen the location for your fire pit and you’ve made sure there aren’t any trees or utility lines to worry about you can start to build. Begin by using a stake to mark the middle of where you want your fire pit to sit then attach a string that is half the length of your desired diameter and use it to draw a circle around the stake in spray paint or powdered chalk.

Next, dig out the circle to a depth of about six inches. Once you’ve done that, use the chalk and string method once more to draw an inner circle about 12 inches in from the edges of the outside circle – this will be the edge of the interior wall for your fire pit when it is completely.

To create a solid foundation on which to build your fire pit, spread a layer of wet concrete around the outer ring or spread gravel and tamp it down well. With your foundation firmly in place, you can spread a 2-inch layer of mortar and then begin building the outer wall using large pavers.

After you’ve completed the first layer, spread another layer of mortar and keep repeating the process until your fire pit has reached the desired height. Then, repeat the process using bricks to form the inner circle of your fire pit. To finish up the project, use the garden hose to wash away any excess mortar then spray paint the inner ring of bricks with black high-heat stove paint and fill the pit with river rocks.

A DIY fire pit is a project that the average home owner is usually completely capable of doing. Just make sure that if you want to take on this kind of project that you do your research and proper planning to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

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