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Simple DIY Solutions for a Home Gym

By on May 2, 2017
Simple DIY Solutions for a Home Gym

It is easy to make excuses about why you don’t work out but, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll recognize that that is exactly what they are – excuses. For many people, the main reason they don’t go to the gym is the cost. Fortunately, there is a simple and cost-effective work-around for this problem – just build your own DIY gym at home!

Repurpose These Objects for a Great Workout

If you want to get a good workout at home but you don’t want to invest in expensive equipment, you may be able to repurpose some existing items to use in a custom workout plan. For inspiration for repurposed gym equipment, look to CrossFit.

Everything from old tractor tires to wooden boxes can be used for gym equipment. To make your own sled, attach a sheet of metal to the top of an old tired and add a vertical piece of metal pipe to hold weight plates. Then, just attach a towing strap and haul the sled up and down the driveway for a total-body workout.

You can also do a full workout with a keg of beer – try carrying it as far as you can or hold it while you do squats and lunges. A tractor tire will give your body a workout just by trying to lift and flip it. You can even make your own weighted barbell by capping the ends of a PVC pipe and filling it with water or sand.

Make Your Own Gym Equipment

In addition to repurposing the objects discussed in the last section, you can make some gym equipment yourself using simple materials. Here are some examples:

  • Pull-Up Bar – Make your own pull-up bar using pieces of galvanized steel pipe – just make sure you hook it over load-bearing I-beam so it will hold your weight.
  • Kettlebells – You can build your own kettlebells by using pieces of galvanized metal pipe to form a T-shape and unscrew it to add weight plates. You could also build a handle and fill a basketball with sand or cement.
  • Water Balls – As an alternative to medicine balls, take an exercise ball and fill it with water to use in strength-training exercises.
  • Sandbags – Lifting and carrying sandbags around is just as effective as dumbbells. You can make your own sandbags using a canvas laundry bag and play sand or pea gravel.
  • Hand Weights – If you aren’t into heavy lifting, you can create some lighter hand weights using plastic water bottles and filling them with sand or gravel.
  • Suspension Straps – If you’re into TRX training, you can make your own suspension straps using a set of 15-foot lashing straps and PVC pipes for handles.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you work out in the gym or at home – whatever works for you, keep doing it! If you like the idea of working out at home but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on gym equipment, follow the advice above to repurpose existing objects or build your own equipment. All you have to do then is use it!

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