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Sara Noel

Being frugal doesn’t mean you have to settle. My syndicated Frugal Living column – available three times per week through Universal Uclick – emphasizes simplicity, family values and eco-frugality. From cutting down the food bill to finding alternative uses for everyday items, Frugal Living examines smart, easy ways to save money.

I am frugal – not cheap – and apply common sense in cost-cutting endeavors. My approach is practical and fun and not bizarre or extreme. I live a frugal lifestyle and inspire my readers, so they know they’re not alone. My professional background includes special event planning, floriculture, floral and interior design and buying and selling antiques and collectibles. My personal interests are writing, gardening, secondhand shopping, cooking and photography. My degree in business and my entrepreneurial spirit led me to found, edit and publish a network of lifestyle and shelter Web sites more than seven years ago that serve as guides to achieving balanced and gracious living.
Some of my web properties include:


I’ve served as a columnist for Midland Daily News and have been a contributor to As a trusted expert, I’m a frequent guest on radio. And my work has been recognized in the media by such entities as ABC’s “Good Morning America,” U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, Time, MSNBC, NPR,, Newsday, Miami Herald, The, The Examiner,, Huffington Post,,, Star Tribune,, LA Times,, Seattle Times, Business Week, Seattle PI, Slate,, Salon, WUSA (Washington, DC), Sacbee, World Tribune, World News Network, Buffalo News, San Francisco Chronicle, Star Telegram, Fresno Bee, Mercury News, NY Daily News, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Consumerist, Smart Computing magazine, Finance, Christian Science Monitor, Palm Beach Post,, Oregon Live, MLive, MassLive,,, The Toronto Star, AOL, The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, Lt. Governor of Kansas, Mark Parkinson’s website, Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, Barbara Lawton’s website, The Associated Press, Yahoo Finance,, The Herald News, Signs on San Diego, Treehugger, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, Timeout Chicago, MSN Money, The Times Online UK, The Wall Street Journal, Skirt!, Good Housekeeping, iVillage, World Net Daily and Kim Komando to name a sampling from hundreds of sources. Currently my syndicated column is featured in many newspapers and Financial Survival Guide-Stretching every dollar through E.W. Scripps Company TV station group.

KNXV, Ch. 15, Phoenix, AZ
WFTS, Ch. 28, Tampa, FL
WPTV, Ch. 5, West Palm Beach, FL
KMCI, Ch.38, Lawrence, KS
WMAR, Ch. 2, Baltimore, MD
WXYZ, Ch. 7, Detroit, MI
KSHB, Ch. 41, Kansas City, MO
WCPO, Ch. 9, Cincinnati, OH
WEWS, Ch. 5, Cleveland, OH
KJRH, Ch. 2, Tulsa, OK

I have a special place in my heart for disadvantaged and abused children.

I was raised in Rochester, New York and currently reside with my husband and four children in Michigan.

Sara Noel

Photo credit: Danielle Rappaport, Midland Daily News