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  • vtray
    Eating in is the new eating out

    Many families are dining out a few times a week and it’s not primarily for social or entertainment reasons. It can often be the family budget buster, so a common piece of money-saving advice is to simply...

  • 6286652858_ecc9b61ae3_z
    Remember words of wisdom

    Think back to when you were a child. You might remember your parents doing a frugal thing or two. Not that there haven’t always been savers and spenders, but times have changed. There are so many new...

  • 4904341547_36af444798_o
    Envelope Method

    Creating a budget seems to be a no brainer. Everyone appears to have their own way of approaching it. You take your salary, subtract your bills, and if there is money left, you decide what to do...

  • 3656313924_2994a34e65_z
    Check for recalls when buying used

    Shopping second-hand can be a huge savings. There are some ways to avoid buyer’s remorse.  Be sure to check for recalls, too: before buying items. The first reader shares her experience. Be Careful Buying Second-Hand Appliances:...

  • lunchbox6
    Not peanut butter and jelly again!

    School is out already for some students. When the kids go back to school in the fall, the hot frugal discussions range from the cost of school supplies to school lunches. It’s understandable that some of the menu...

  • trike
    Are today’s youths coddled?

    We were at the park, and a young boy played with my kids for over an hour. I kept looking for any sign of a parent. He was alone. Within minutes, I knew way too much about...

  • charcoal
    Barbecues: Gas or charcoal

    With the summer months fast approaching many are turning their attention to preparing for the much anticipated warm weather. For many the warm weather means lots of barbecues but before enjoying the outdoor food you must make...

  • flannels
    It’s time to get dressed

    If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you might be familiar with the “mom uniform”: unwashed hair, no makeup, a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms. After all, you aren’t going anywhere; it’s comfortable; and it’s ideal for housework and childcare....

  • changejar4
    Set the standard for your family

    It can be difficult to get your family on board with frugality. You’re never going to convince everyone that it’s as wonderful as you think it is. If you practice frugality in ways that upset and cause...

  • 5266815336_6446a40041_z
    Are warehouse clubs worth it?

    Pay a membership fee, buy in bulk, and save a ton of money. Not so fast, fellow frugalitarian. Warehouse clubs aren’t always the tightwad utopia they seem to be. I let my membership expire, and I don’t...

  • pricebook4
    Use a price book to pay less

    Frugal folks are smart shoppers. Some keep price books to help them shop. It’s a notebook that contains item names, prices, unit sizes, unit prices, store names and dates. It helps shoppers compare prices on frequently bought...

  • 3324348841_b9cb2be7b1_z
    Be a team to survive tough times

    Many of my readers are experiencing job loss. Most are women whose husbands have been laid off.