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  • rubbermaidcamping
    Save space in tight quarters

    DEAR SARA: We purchased a new camper this year and have been camping twice with it. Fun! However, we are climbing over our clothes and different items every time we go in it, and I can’t stand...

  • 5157516276_1cc5c4239c_b
    Surprise mail for kids and more

    If you have kids or grandkids, you know how all of their crafty little supplies can get messy to cart around. I like the first tip for organizing supplies and projects. I’m a fan of story sacks...

  • 1231826.large
    Save money by making it yourself

    It's hard to believe how many items you can make yourself. While some make-it-yourself projects can be complex, most are quick and painless. Try a few and you might never go back to your ready-made "convenience" ways....

  • 9579023028_f4613a0b6a_o
    Camping: The frugal family vacation

    The world is split between those who camp and those who don't. I have never figured out the fascination with it. I love nature, hiking, cooking outdoors and being away from it all, but I just can't...

  • 3409564283_634cc6ca52_b
    Maybe you’ve been frugal all along

    Many people practice frugality and don't realize it. It's just a way of life. Some tips are practical, while others seem extreme or too time-consuming.

  • salad3
    Store salads for freshness

    DEAR SARA: How do you store your bagged salads? I bought a couple of bags of salad on sale last night. I’m curious to know how you store yours without it getting brown really fast. — Mickee,...

  • brownies6
    Life-inspired recipes sure to get the point across

    Some recipes are so good that you want to keep them a secret. Maybe you or someone you know makes the absolute best desserts. There’s never any extra, and they’re lick-the-bowl delicious. They can work miracles, too....

  • maryann5
    What’s a Mary Ann pan?

    DEAR SARA: I asked my mother-in-law what my sister-in-law might like for her upcoming birthday. She told me she wanted a Mary Ann pan. I was too embarrassed to ask what it is. What is it? —...

  • thermos4
    Use a thermos for more than coffee

    Say goodbye to ugly, messy gravy globs. If you don’t have a thermos, you can use a fondue pot or slow cooker to keep it hot. KEEP GRAVY HOT: During the holidays, if you want to keep...

  • spiderplant1
    Warm up your space with houseplants

    Winter is my favorite time of year. The days are shorter and home is where I want to be. With the cold temperatures, I embellish my home with comfortable items that make each room feel cozy, such...

  • cupcakecake6
    Cupcake cake easy as pie

    DEAR SARA: Do you know how to make a cupcake cake? I want to make one for my grandson’s birthday, and I’m wondering how hard it is. — Jayne, Pennsylvania DEAR JAYNE: When you bake your cupcakes,...

  • juices-1
    Kick the soda habit

      There are money leaks in almost every personal budget. Take a look in your refrigerator. Does it contain a lot of soda? Many people are hooked on soda and drink a few cans each day. It’s...