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Dumpster Diving

dumpster diving/dump'-ster di:'-ving/

1. The practice of sifting refuse from an office or technical installation to extract confidential data, especially security-compromising information ("dumpster" is an Americanism for what is elsewhere called a "skip"). Back in AT&T's monopoly days, before paper shredders became common office equipment, phone phreaks (see phreaking) used to organise regular dumpster runs against phone company plants and offices. Discarded and damaged copies of AT&T internal manuals taught them much. The technique is still rumored to be a favourite of crackers operating against careless targets.

2. The practice of raiding the dumpsters behind buildings where producers and/or consumers of high-tech equipment are located, with the expectation (usually justified) of finding discarded but still-valuable equipment to be nursed back to health in some hacker's den. Experienced dumpster-divers not infrequently accumulate basements full of moldering (but still potentially useful) cruft.
Source: dictionary.com- dictionary jargon

Do you dare to dumpster dive? You have heard folks talk about it, so now you want to read more about it. Let's begin with are you willing?

Scenario 1: You are driving down the street and see a perfectly good object on the curbside. Are you willing to stop and toss it in the trunk?

Scenario 2: Your neighbors toss out their newspapers in the recycle bin. Are you willing to pick up extra coupon inserts from their bins?

Scenario 3: You are bored one night and looking for something fun to do. Are you willing to venture into dumpster diving for cheap entertainment?

If you are still reading this, you have either done this before, or are considering trying it out.

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