Not sure if you are talking domestic or international. We did domestic through the foster care system. I'm glad we got our two children (2 years ago; ages when placed....a girl 18 months and her 4 year old brother) at the same time b/c I wouldn't do it again.

Foster care program is a mess. I think of it now as the United States' equivalent to orphanages in Europe.
But I wouldn't give my kids back, either Though they both have some moderate sensory issues, when people meet them and are around them a while they say they seem just like other kids. But I know about the rocking back and forth my son does sometimes and how my daughter can't sit still and moves her body constantly just for the proprioceptive input.

The part I didn't like about adopting this way was that we had to put up with visits from social workers until each child was adopted-- so it ended up being 2 years total!!! And sometimes the workers would get changed and no one tells you. We once had a strange worker call us saying she needed to come visit the next morning because she was only in town for a day (the kids were from another county in our state that was several hours away... and a social worker from that county had to make monthly visits)--she was taking over for the kids' usual worker, who had quit the week before and no one had bothered to tell us. We had no choice but to let the woman come. BUT this turned out to be a good thing, because this strange social worker turned out to be the one who had removed our daughter from the bio mother when she was 4 months old and the worker was able to give us information about the bio mother that no one else had shared]

Without me and my husband, our kids would've ended up dropping out of school or getting in serious trouble before finishing school. So if you look at it like this and can see beyond the inconviences of working with a social worker [and likely many social workers] domestic adoption is more a blessing for the children than the adoptive parents. That's what I think anyway.