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  1. Anybody got any tips they can share on saving money with DirecTV?
  2. Today I programmed my thermostat!
  3. Faxing over VOIP systems
  4. Google Voice and Obi100 Voip free telephone calls
  5. Utility averages...
  6. Genius or Fool? I'm looking closely at StraightTalk to save on SmartPhone use
  7. Insulation/heating question.
  8. no heat or airconditioning. Love October :)
  9. How would you do it?
  10. Oh Snap!!
  11. Cheaper to turn heat off or stay on low during the day?
  12. Electric fire place
  13. Pilot Light
  14. Last months electric bill - too low for a bill!
  15. Virgin Mobile's New iPhone Plan - Cheapest Smartphone Plan?
  16. Outsmarting my water bill and laundry savings!
  17. Things are starting to even out: first CO utility bill
  18. Using power during the day is 2 times more expensive than using it at night?
  19. Just got our first CO phone/internet bill
  20. Propane vs. wood??
  21. our power company wants to raise the rates
  22. We need a change in power!
  23. Electricity Bill?
  24. DSl/High Speed Internet
  25. Electricity Fast
  26. ? about heat pump or electric baseboard
  27. Eden Pure heater not that hot?
  28. Oscillating electric heater worth the savings?
  29. A Bogus, Tacky, Vintage, Gas Log, Fireplace...
  30. What's life like without a land line
  31. EdenPure Heaters
  32. Saving money on utilities the winter?
  33. If you have a Weil-McLain furnace, check this out!
  34. Have you turned on the heater yet?
  35. How difficult is it to install a wood stove?
  36. fireplace ash.......now what??
  37. gas vent free heaters
  38. chimney sweep
  39. got a chainsaw and lots of trees
  40. Does Your Cell Phone Provider Offer An Employer Discount?
  41. Bit the bullet, ordered oil
  42. Your Latest Electric Bill
  43. Did well asking for discount this month due to interrupted service!
  44. Should we replace our old central A/C unit?
  45. Tankless Hot Water Heater
  46. Energy saving tip sites
  47. Cold Showers??
  48. How much does using a clothesline really save???
  49. Does shortening showers really save $?
  50. the single largest electricity drain in many American homes
  51. Saved us some $
  52. electric bill down again
  53. OMG Dehumidifier
  54. Help me Unplug
  55. Surge Protector Question
  56. Trying to figure out how much to budget...
  57. Wait, what? My water/waste/drainage bill is dancing around.
  58. amazing
  59. Straight Talk Phone
  60. Any suggestions on hanging clothes with allergies?
  61. My electric bill went down $82 in one month
  62. Turned Off The Heat
  63. ? about electric hot water timer
  64. Fireplace Insert?Wood Stove?
  65. New elec meter
  66. My Electric Bill Trends
  67. Spin off: Canadian folks & ditching all cable
  68. Just had to pay $651.48 for #2 heating fuel...
  69. oil delivery/ bad timing
  70. Gas log fireplace
  71. Ouch
  72. Has anyone used Lingo?
  73. struggling to pay electric
  74. Electricity down $25 a month...
  75. Gas company conversation...
  76. Utility bill comment
  77. Replacing cable with netflix and hulu
  78. Energy Use Calculator, sort of fun!
  79. Security light cost?
  80. What do you pay for TV?
  81. What do you use for the internet?
  82. reducing phone & internet expenses
  83. need help making a decision
  84. Powersmart pricing
  85. July and Electric Bill
  86. power bill (long rant)
  87. Frustrated with my water company...This bill is outrageous.
  88. Residential Capacitor
  89. Majik Jack phone
  90. Our water bill went up $60!!
  91. Water company wants to raise rates again
  92. How to Reduce Your Summer Electric Bill
  93. Ridiculous water company and bill
  94. Our Sewer is backing up
  95. Electric bill came today! (rant ahead)
  96. I want to get rid of cable.
  97. Wattsaver Program
  98. Reduction in the Electric Bill
  99. How much does it cost
  100. Does anyone know how much it would cost to break a contract with dish network..
  101. Maybe now he will listen...
  102. If you have Dierctv, good time to play hardball!
  103. Heating Audit
  104. My electric bill doubled!
  105. Estimated bills...
  106. Cover your outlets
  107. Received info on on & off peak hours from electric company
  108. Spreadsheet for yearly gas and elec usage
  109. leaving oven door open.
  110. help me understand my water bill..
  111. Do you keep a light on at night
  112. Have you turned your heater on yet?
  113. thermal curtains
  114. It's going up!!!!
  115. Getting Ready for Winter
  116. Propane or Natural Gas?
  117. The air is officially off
  118. AOL video on phantom electric..must watch
  119. CFL Lightbulbs
  120. Why or why city water
  121. Electric bill going down
  122. June 1st, Just turned the heat on :(
  123. one more money saving tool...
  124. Got my propane bill
  125. increased electricity usage - dishwasher
  126. wasting water
  127. proud of my electric bill!!
  128. Utility bills lower than expected
  129. Ahead on our utilities bill! :)
  130. Electric sneakies exposed by the kill-a-watt
  131. Alberta axing the gas rebate program
  132. Pellet Stove
  133. Water bill on rental property
  134. My electric bill is high and we are pretty much in the dark.
  135. What cell phone features do you like?
  136. Saving Water Hints from the State of Florida
  137. this months electric bill
  138. Electric Company Website
  139. phone charger usage
  140. Natural Gas Bill...way down
  141. Energy Audit.
  142. Oh my word....
  143. For those using propane......how many gallons do you use in a year?
  144. Skyrocketed natural gas bill. :(
  145. that's it...i'm going to live in a tent....
  146. How do you save money on electricity???
  147. Never done this before...
  148. Moving to new rental property - please help me keep the bills low!
  149. Help me lower the propane bill....
  150. handheld sewing machines
  151. Thank you FV
  152. I am so darn upset....
  153. heating with space heaters
  154. they are trying to break us...i'm sure of it....
  155. Does a programmable thermostat make sense if...
  156. Electric bill skyrocketed, but it's all good!
  157. Jan. 2009
  158. I'm going to turn off.....
  159. help me estimate my electric bill...
  160. Electric bill jumped up bad
  161. Supplemental Interior Heat Source
  162. Gas bill way down!
  163. Do you love your fridge? Tell me about it.
  164. Question about the icemaker in my freezer
  165. Oh my, my gas bill
  166. No charges for natural gas for this bill
  167. Using Heat at Night
  168. Advice re decreasing heating bill
  169. FAR power strip
  170. Venting dryer indoors
  171. Water Bill
  172. OMG lowest ever! YAY!
  173. Thanks Land Lord!
  174. Do you track your daily electric usage?
  175. How much do you save?
  176. My oil bill has come in
  177. Utility Payment Plan $1 less
  178. Energy efficiency measures...
  179. Preparing the house for winter. Spam me please!
  180. I hate our utility company!
  181. NY using foreign co. for renewable/wind energy
  182. Increase in natural gas prices
  183. Read those meters, people!
  184. Ironing or dryer???
  185. Worried about electric
  186. Update...Tankless Hot water heater
  187. Had my propane delivered today....
  188. Does anyone else here NOT have a high electric bill?
  189. Water & electricty used by dishwasher?
  190. I met our utility goal!
  191. Well, they said they were raising the electric...
  192. Pellet Stove
  193. YAY - Electric Bill is coming down
  194. yay, thrilled with og&e...
  195. Natural Gas Prices Set to Jump 52%, EIA Says
  196. If it's this bad now, what will winter bring?
  197. Light Company (Vent)
  198. Hanging clothes on the line...
  199. Pellet Stove
  200. Using 0 Gas - Utility Co. Baffled. haha
  201. making our rain barrels
  202. Tankless hot water heater...
  203. Outside Oven?
  204. Love this time of year...
  205. how high can I go
  206. Spend Now Save Later
  207. DH installed a hot water heater timer today
  208. water rates are going up
  209. Pay for water?
  210. Heating suggestions?
  211. I got my magicjack *spinoff*
  212. What is AC temp set at?
  213. Gila Window films anyone?
  214. Planning Ahead for Next Winter
  215. Outside wood furnace we now own, anyone else ?
  216. This month's electric bill
  217. WOW! What a difference!
  218. Got the Dreaded Prepay Letter
  219. I am cutting out the home phone!!!
  220. Propane/oil prices
  221. Attic fans
  222. Yay!! Water and electric bill went down!
  223. Whirlpool Water Heaters
  224. natural gas going up 20%
  225. Can you help me make a decision please?
  226. Full month's electric bill with CFLs
  227. My savings!
  228. New furnace &....
  229. Which way are the fans supposed to run????
  230. Confused At What Point Is Electric Heat Cheaper than Oil?
  231. Ugh, Dh is Arguing with The AC Repair Man...
  232. Did better than we thought!
  233. Propane
  234. My electric bill
  235. Cable company overcharged us....but DH caught it
  236. New toy
  237. Scooters 75-100 miles a gallon
  238. insulating paint?
  239. dishwasher vs dishes in the sink
  240. Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bill?
  241. Electric bill dropped!!!!
  242. Hanging Clothes to dry
  243. Powerstrips
  244. Fuel Oil fill-up?
  245. Unplugging help Electic Bill
  246. Holy Electric Usage Batman!!!
  247. article on electricity guzzlers
  248. Ceiling fan making loud humming noise...
  249. Clotheslines are protected
  250. Energy Star Rebates