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  1. can I be done please?
  2. would you accept this?
  3. No Friends
  4. Lost my best buddy (DH)
  5. shopping addiction
  6. I was an Enabler and now I am Paying the consequences
  7. sobriety
  8. Send me happy thoughts and strength please!
  9. Prayers needed for people in AR
  10. Prayer needed for 27 year old mom.
  11. prayers needed
  12. Just received bad news
  13. When children want to live with the other parent
  14. Need prayer for a 27 year old
  15. Vent and positive thoughts needed.
  16. Self hatred
  17. Dealing with cravings (dessert) to stop them?
  18. Why does this keep happening and how would you take it?
  19. Check in from hospital
  20. Thanksgiving
  21. Need advice/support/something, life's not good at the moment...
  22. Little vent and running out of steam
  23. Rough week last week, just need a vent....
  24. Feeling sorta guilty...
  25. Business advice.
  26. I think my
  27. My neice
  28. I'll need the support of this Village on Wednesday...
  29. Addiction has robbed me blind
  30. health update or why I need to move to Kauai for three months!
  31. I Will be
  32. Thoughts and Prayers for a friend.
  33. haven't posted in quite awhile
  34. Prayers please, DH pain issue
  35. My father has impeccable timing
  36. Ugh
  37. doxycycline almost killed my daughter
  38. Attitude Adjustment needed?? Advice please...
  39. My 3 month old
  40. positive thoughts and prayers requested...
  41. What would you include? Is this even a good idea?
  42. A lot of you
  43. Struggling with friends' divorce
  44. was I wrong?
  45. Dd's autism
  46. Support needed for one of my students
  47. Sad and angry
  48. Bipolar disorder
  49. Here we go again....
  50. need advice / support
  51. Time to come clean
  52. A nice dream about my lil brother
  53. Multiple sclerosis
  54. Morning Scripture
  55. Morning Scripture
  56. Morning Scripture
  57. Prayers please...
  58. Elderly Parent Caregiver Input Wanted: What sort of help to ask for?
  59. My job is too much!
  60. In need of prayer ,thoughts
  61. My brother is getting a divorce
  62. There's some progress
  63. I am overwhelmed with to much stuff.
  64. Shaken to the core
  65. My son passed away on 12/11/11 - need help getting thru this
  66. granddaughter had head on accident
  67. my mother is dying
  68. DH is becoming depressed about $, work, life.
  69. Prayers needed...the wind was taken out of my sails
  70. Worried about hubby and job stress
  71. Prayers please
  72. having a hard time lately.....
  73. I have an Anxiety/Obssessive disorder....
  74. Blessings of this amazing world we live in.
  75. Need good thoughts towards my way
  76. He's gone down a road we can't travel... (long)
  77. part b grandma
  78. Hubby chewed grandma out....
  79. I cant (long)
  80. first holiday disagreement
  81. How Do Y'all Do It?!
  82. Update had to go to ER
  83. Caring for elderly parents & sacrifices
  84. They want to admit DD to the hospital
  85. up date Grandmas meds and my depression
  86. just diagnosed....diabetic with thyroid problems
  87. Autism/ADHD
  88. Early or late. The end result will be the same.
  89. Fire and Flood Evacuations
  90. Feel I have no viable vent release available to me
  91. New meds....again
  92. Been in hospital!
  93. Marriage issues...
  94. Need a Little Prayer Please
  95. I don't know if
  96. Back injury at work and depressed
  97. Knee replacement done - update
  98. Grandma and I both lost it
  99. Knee replacement - Thoughts and prayers
  100. Abuse Can Happen to Anyone
  101. Prayers and/or positive thoughts appreciated
  102. I'm back, but here's why I was "gone"
  103. I am depressed
  104. Mourning my sister
  105. want to crawl into the dark
  106. been gone awhile/Update
  107. Is there anyone here living with stds'
  108. can't stand it
  109. trying to cope
  110. still here
  111. My cousin is being deployed...
  112. Hard day!
  113. do you ever feel depressed?
  114. trying to handle-hugs to fv
  115. grief
  116. Roller coaster!
  117. My sis is really sick.
  118. women's retreat
  119. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  120. Prayers were answered!!
  121. Lexi was
  122. something great is comeing, I can feel it
  123. I need a life
  124. My husband just blindsided me with a divorce....
  125. The circus has started up again
  126. update
  127. If its not one thing
  128. sometime we never know
  129. Prayer for a 12 year old needed
  130. Grief finally getting better
  131. We won!!!
  132. Its been a long day, I need a hug!
  133. I need support please...
  134. Feeling so alone and lonely right now.
  135. I should but I just can't
  136. Here we go again
  137. Digging my own financial grave.
  138. Update ---I so tired of being sick and feeling like noone understands
  139. college
  140. I quit smoking
  141. Got my house back!!
  142. Heartbreaking funeral today
  143. Have to have my say....
  144. Hurt, crying, venting and just need to get it out...
  145. nodmicks--how did the holidays go?
  146. kind of trivial venting
  147. been attending AA
  148. I so tired of being sick and feeling like noone understands
  149. My dad died last week
  150. I am so behind for Christmas.......
  151. how can two people see him so diffrently
  152. I don't believe this
  153. Grrrrrr
  154. Thanks everyone
  155. Gotta get it out!
  156. Charitable Auction
  157. Re-thinking my goals...
  158. Custody battle :(
  159. I could use a bit of help
  160. Why is it
  161. now my step-dad died
  162. Well, I stood up for myself.
  163. Prays,Good thoughts needed
  164. Prayers and good wishes/vibes for my DS...
  165. update on FIL and prayers
  166. thanks
  167. prayers needed, holidays put off
  168. Recommend a self help book?
  169. Kind of dreading the holidays
  170. Why do I feel annoyed all the time?
  171. How to stop being angry. (Incredibly loooong)
  172. I feel stupid about this
  173. upsetting day
  174. head on collision
  175. Upset
  176. In a not so great place lately...LONG
  177. Need prayers please...woman only please.
  178. Grief & Spending
  179. to the rescue
  180. I am really hurting over this.
  181. I've been having health problems
  182. Frustrated at lack of understanding from friends
  183. I feel like I'm in a snowglobe someone shock up
  184. Overwhelmed is a good description
  185. marriage might be done
  186. prayers needed
  187. moving on, finally
  188. It isn't working
  189. Traveling mercies needed
  190. I lost my baby girl today.....
  191. Lexi needs lots of
  192. More test for me
  193. Thank you for the prayers
  194. My Mom has Passed
  195. Many prayers needed
  196. feel like im up against a wall
  197. Antsy
  198. dunno how to help a friend...
  199. Prayers/Good Vibes/Karma Points
  200. i am so glad i got a divorce...
  201. It feels like the end of the world
  202. Prayers needed Mom dying
  203. I'm torn...(kinda long)
  204. I am in pain, feeling sorry for myself...
  205. Friend commits suicide
  206. please pray for my son
  207. spouse with alcohol issues...
  208. DS#2 had oral surgery this morning
  209. Now i know whats wrong with me
  210. my son
  211. OCD and anxiety, as well as depression.
  212. More medical issues
  213. Prayers/Good Vibes for My Dad, Please
  214. Youngest son in the hospital
  215. My turn to ask for prayers
  216. Please send prayers...
  217. Need prayers and long distance hugs
  218. bitter irony & prayer request
  219. NOW Medical Murphy Is Visiting!
  220. Does Anyone Here Journal?
  221. Hubby & I Got Hit
  222. My sister needs prayers
  223. My dad needs prayers...
  224. In Need of Prayer
  225. just out of hospital psych ward
  226. Fingers crossed for us
  227. Prayer request
  228. Victim of Theft
  229. Prayer Request Please
  230. How do you deal with loneliness?
  231. Positive thoughts needed please
  232. DH had surgery
  233. Prayer request for DD
  234. Very sad because of all the budgets cuts going on everywhere
  235. Could use someone to talk to and good thoughts or prayers.
  236. Prayer request
  237. An urgent prayer request
  238. Update to Prayers/Good Thoughts
  239. I am so upset right now...
  240. feeling down - rant
  241. Prayers and Good Thoughts Please
  242. i'm a picky eater
  243. i am aware...
  244. Please think good thoughts...
  245. am really sad
  246. Thanksgiving without my Dad
  247. Oral Surgery for dd, Wednesday 10:30 am
  248. EEG Results for My DD
  249. Absence (Petit Mal) Seizures
  250. Just Going Through The Motions....