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  1. Need ideas, please!
  2. 401k to pay debt settlement
  3. have been struggling
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  10. Emergency
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  15. Am I forgetting anything?
  16. HELP! Im 15 payments behind on my home and in forclosure
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  18. Doggie Paddling to Save my Life!
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  20. I've been Bad
  21. Snowballing bills
  22. struggling
  23. How do you keep from getting bored with your frugal lifestyle?
  24. Terrified Newbie
  25. To moan or not to moan that is the question?
  26. My surgery really has taken a toll on us
  27. Disputing Credit Report - Credit Lines Opened As Minor
  28. Looking for Advice re: Credit Cards
  29. My job is feeling very uncertain right now :(
  30. Need Advice for a Friend Going Through Eviction
  31. I'm so could be starting all over again
  32. unemployed and unlikely to return to work? what now
  33. Argh! I knew this would happen.
  34. Unemployed in Pennsylvania
  35. Looking for advice
  36. Is this where I sign up for the layoff department? :(
  37. This is the part where I normally try not to panic...
  38. Health Insurance issues
  39. How long does it take for a foreclosure to take place....
  40. Website worth looking at
  41. Texas Welfare Office Shooting
  42. Hard times..
  43. My 2012 prayer
  44. Just had a shock, re. health insurance premiums
  45. Don't Ever Do Business With Family! (LONG!)
  46. So Frustrated!
  47. Second job, worth it?
  48. home mortgage upside down/ short sale?
  49. Financial Infidelity
  50. Can't Afford Jury Duty
  51. Hoping someone has ideas to help
  52. Enormous debt from emergency
  53. More going out than coming in
  54. Just Need Help Keeping My Head on Straight :/
  55. Medical Debt
  56. Starting over= sorry it's long
  57. Debt Validation
  58. What would YOU do? College Student Q's???
  59. Consumer Credit
  60. Whoaaaaaa Nelly! boy oh boy am I glad I didn't pay off those braces!!!
  61. Court today with Wells Fargo fingers crossed please
  62. I'm so scared:(
  63. I guess it's our turn!
  64. Supporting mom and her BIG mistake...Help?
  65. What should I do?
  66. Need advice please!!
  67. Just checked my credit report and have a few questions...can anyone help.
  68. okay dh has finally decided he will try and fill out for disability..
  69. finances may change (long)
  70. Not in a good place
  71. Update on Bank of Hell and Us
  72. Selling Our House
  73. unexpected debt - $43 for 11 days - can we do it?
  74. Foreclosure question
  75. Interesting Article - living on $12,000/yr
  76. budget help needed
  77. Things are getting better.
  78. and it's beginning to hit the fan
  79. Gonna need some help this week.
  80. I'm back but in deep...
  81. Just need to get this out.
  82. deed in lieu???
  83. Question about Chase foreclosure
  84. I am starting to get VERY discouraged
  85. Millions to lose unemployment many of you will this affect
  86. is there away to survive and rebound from this????
  87. Electric/Heating bills - Have you ever done this? (kinda long)
  88. OMG, I can not believe this is legal
  89. Helpful Debt Snowball Calculator
  90. Steps To Stop Collection Calls That Aren't Mine
  91. Confused about "Means Test" for bankruptcy
  92. My situation and looking for some answers...
  93. Sunshine's story - for seekingforanswers
  94. Rough Calculation of our situation
  95. Legitimate & Reputable Debt Consolidation Companies that actually WORK ??
  96. Feeling Trapped - Forced to make fast decision - Absolutely Terrified
  97. I Hit Rock Bottom (crying now)..~long story~Please wish me Luck.
  98. Withholding tax on unemp benefit question
  99. semi-crisis budget meeting tonight
  100. Meeting with the Bankruptcy Trustee
  101. BIG speed bump in our road
  102. I Got a Job Today!
  103. Borrowing Money = Excruciating
  104. Should I keep hoping that the house sells or give it back to the bank?
  105. We are sooooo stupid....
  106. Need Advice on getting out of our house
  107. It looks like bankruptcy is imminent (long)
  108. A hypothetical question
  109. Question for those of you that have dealt with BoA...
  110. Interview with soc services tomorrow for assistance
  111. Food Banks? Richmond VA
  112. Now the business is being foreclosed on
  113. What to expect?
  114. workin on this no job no money sucks
  115. TANF, Food Stamps, Govt Assist??
  116. Laid off in August
  117. husband lost his job this morning
  118. frustrated
  119. Spendingaholic????
  120. Need Opinions from those who have been there - Mortgage Late, Bank wants money.
  121. Stupid tax--lease/rent to own
  122. How do you start over when you have no money?
  123. husband on unemployment
  124. Anyone know roughly how long to get life incurance pay out after claim?
  125. Catching up is hard to do
  126. financial crisis due to my health issues
  127. Employee volunteer to reduce pay (long post, sorry)
  128. Seeing a lawyer this afternoon about a marshal's notice
  129. With Debt Snowball, If I have several medical bills from one....
  130. New here-really ready but really nervous
  131. trying to come to terms with the way things are
  132. Please Pray for Us
  133. Help! Paid settlement on student loan and they are stilling trying to collect!
  134. Pretty much feel like I am out of options.
  135. Seeking Opinions of Knowledgeable FVer's
  136. Another Update
  137. It has come to an end...
  138. Now it's our turn...
  139. Anyone in similar boat?
  140. Okay it is my turn....
  141. Question for those who have experienced foreclosure
  142. Feeling a little depressed tough times......
  143. And the time draws near...
  144. When does it get easier?
  145. car out for repossession
  146. Reduction in Income.
  147. Irs!
  148. Another job bites the dust
  149. Best way to deal with pending foreclosure & bank calls
  150. Lost my job.
  151. Foreclosure Question.....
  152. very scared
  153. Had an unwelcomed visit from Murphy!
  154. Update and Prayers Needed...
  155. Gotta love pay cuts for your country.
  156. Ya know, murphy really stinks!!!!!!
  157. Paying Stupid Tax :(
  158. Up the creek without a paddle
  159. Article on Debts lead to Garnishments
  160. question about foreclosure...
  161. I need advice and guidance please
  162. Bankruptcy, and so it begins
  163. For BerryWriter and Greebo
  164. Wachovia & changing the terms ..I'm done (LONG)
  165. Declaring insolvency
  166. Venting...THE EX STRIKES AGAIN...
  167. Was there a song that got you through a hardship
  168. Emergency Food Box
  169. Trying to think outside the box
  170. Inspiration/Support
  171. Banks Cashing Post-Dated Checks...
  172. To a better 2010 for us!
  173. We've nearly sunk, but now I'm back...
  174. Help!! What way can we turn?
  175. Saw the bankruptcy lawyer today
  176. How do you fix your credit after a bankruptcy?
  177. Nowhere To Turn
  178. Pro Rata or Bankruptcy?
  179. Progress Made...But Still...
  180. Face to Face with Debt
  181. Got Bankruptcy knowledge? How far can they go in putting liens on household items?
  182. Any advice or prayers would be awesome
  183. The Clincher...Wells Fargo
  184. Collection Agency and American Express
  185. Bank of America This is an attempt to collect a debt
  186. They are canceling our house insurance
  187. Could use any help.
  188. Our situation has improved - some issues still though
  189. We are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  190. New here and at a loss at what to do
  191. payday advance
  192. my money for the world to see!@!!!!
  193. Debtors Revolution Against BoA - from You Tube
  194. Now what??
  195. Resources for those in need
  196. Why Would You Do Both?
  197. Foreclosure & legal responsibility
  198. scared
  199. Foreclosure Advice
  200. sinking feeling
  201. overwhelmed & have questions - please help!
  202. Need help asap!!!!!
  203. Advice for how to keep our car
  204. Serious Trouble with Credit Cards
  205. update on mortgage situation
  206. Beyond frustrated and losing hope
  207. What Was the Lowest Financial Situation....
  208. Difficult decision - withdrawing retirement funds
  209. Why Would a Bank Not Defer a Payment?
  210. new...and at the end of my rope
  211. Here's where the rubber meets the road!
  212. short sale questions
  213. When Murphy hits, he hits hard (whine ahead)
  214. Have to get this off my chest!
  215. Going back to the "Walton" days and extended family/friends
  216. Bad month
  217. Help me be firm...
  218. Foreclosure..can anyone tell me what to expect.
  219. New poster, lost my job yesterday.
  220. House Help
  221. Update from us!
  222. unemployment questions
  223. U.S. sets up recession mental health Web site
  224. Have You Ever Lacked Food?
  225. It ain't pretty folks (my story in response to another post)
  226. Does your debt create relationship issues?
  227. in over my head- how can I cut back?
  228. Building Savings Vs. Paying off debt
  229. In case of layoff: A financial fire drill (MSN article)
  230. In search of a legit Website to buy credit report from
  231. help - calculating monthly income
  232. Emergency Fund?
  233. job cuts
  234. Uh oh......
  235. Son laid off today
  236. Plant shut downs :(
  237. Hubby's job is closing up :(
  238. 'Produce the Note' Movement Helps Stall
  239. more jobs lost..
  240. Murphy and job losses...
  241. Another layoff, dd's dh
  242. Just when I feel good, Murphy hits!
  243. What should I do?
  244. need some major help
  245. Interesting info on unemployment calculations
  246. ugh. help! I am really in a pickle...
  247. Well got major problems !
  248. Job loss support group
  249. Best course of action.
  250. Just found out..