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  1. Free National Autism Association’s Big Red Safety Box (for autism families)
  2. Free Sample Metal Business Card, Dog Tag, or Luggage Tag
  3. Free Tea at DavidsTea -July 3
  4. Free Samples of Sweetie Pie Organics Lactation Smoothie - Breastfeeding Women
  5. free Fit Joy Nutrition Protein Bar
  6. Free New Bern Police Dept patch
  7. Free 2017 AARP Foundation Calendar - ends June 29 at midnight
  8. Free sample Tattoo Gel or Stencil Gel - Tattoo Artists
  9. free nicotine patches, gum or lozenges - Minnesota adults
  10. Free samples of woods & metals from Desiron
  11. Free retired Police patch from City of Evart, MI
  12. Free swatches from Levolor- choose up to 10
  13. Free Peterson Handwriting sample pack with pen - teachers
  14. Free Headbands of Hope headbands for kids with cancer - need a hospital name
  15. Free StaphAseptic First Aid Pain Relieving Gel Sample
  16. Free Sample Grand Meadows Grand Hoof Horse Supplement - call in
  17. Free Samples of Pure Hemp Botanicals Products
  18. Free Sam’s Club Access for Costco Members thru 7/4/16
  19. Free "Only God Can Make America Great Again" T-Shirt
  20. Free Rodan+Fields Mini Facial Kit
  21. Free Emergency Medical Information Kit including freezer safe pouch and magnet
  22. Free Refrigerator magnet “Tips for Safe Sleep for Your Baby”
  23. free refrigerator magnets with correct temperatures for cooking meat - New York
  24. FREE Spot a Stroke Magnet
  25. Free Nivea Men Creme Sample (US)
  26. Free Depend Underwear Sample (US)
  27. Country Chic Free Jar of Country Chic Paint (US)
  28. Free Sun Bum stickers
  29. Free Cire Wear stickers
  30. Free Breakwater Surf Co. stickers
  31. Free sticker from Waters Bluff Clothing
  32. free stickers and posters from Surf Style
  33. Free Humu Surf sticker
  34. Free ZLVA Clothing stickers
  35. FREE "I Sit With John Lewis" sticker
  36. Free Bragg Seasonings and Yeast Sample
  37. Free Country Chic Paint Sample- pick up in-store 7/1-7/31
  38. Free Brushee 3 in 1 Pocket Sized Toothbrush/Pick/Floss
  39. Free 9/11 Day of Service Lapel Pin
  40. Free Sample of Garnier Fructis Grow Strong (Canada)
  41. Free derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub sample
  42. Free sample packet from from Clover Ranch Fundraising - schools/non profits - call in
  43. Free Vegetarian Blend & Garlic for Your Pet - phone in
  44. Free samples exotic hardwood flooring from BR-111
  45. Free Mike Duffy "Train To Chicago" CD
  46. Free Pinxav Diaper Rash Cream - pharmacy and physicians
  47. Free 1-Year Angie’s List Membership
  48. Free Air Defenders Educators Kit-Wisonsin Only
  49. Free gift from Crime and Punishment
  50. Free Universal Nutrition Animal Whey Protein Sample
  51. Free Normand Marketing Group travel mug
  52. Free IRONMAN Endurance Optimized Whey Protein samples
  53. The Secret Life of Pets movie event June 25th at PetSmart
  54. Free sample Qokodii Prolong Ejaculation
  55. Free Sample of Biotherm Homme Aquapower Gel & Eye Hydrator
  56. Free 3 electrobraid samples - White, Checkered & Black
  57. free sample of Country Navy braided rug yarn sample
  58. Free wool swatch fabric sample from Wool and Prince
  59. Free Good shepard wool insulation sample
  60. Free handy Safe Temperature Guide fridge magnet - email
  61. Free Rise Brand stickers - email
  62. Free Qilonyc stickers - email
  63. Free iexist band stickers
  64. Free Louisiana Concrete Skateparks stickers - email
  65. Free soy sauce
  66. Free Challenge Butter & Cream Cheese at 3PM EST - 6/20 - 6/25
  67. Free eb5 skin care sample
  68. Free Ironman Endurance Optimized Whey Protein Sample
  69. Free Calendar or Notepad Samples
  70. free 4 oz. Force Fly Spray sample- horses
  71. FREE 3 oz Anti Allergen Pet Shampoo
  72. FREE Sample of Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion
  73. Free Omro Pharmacy bumper sticker
  74. Free Save Lives Be A Nurse bumper sticker
  75. Free Good Neighbors Come In Many Colors bumper sticker
  76. Free tea samples from Bird Pick Tea and Herb - email
  77. Free sample bar soap - email
  78. Free Ancestry Dog Food Samples - Select 6 free 4 oz samples
  79. Free 2 oz sample of Seagull Coffee
  80. Free Yoobi Sticker
  81. Free Lullaby Paints Color Sample Chips
  82. Free Voter's Self-Defense Manual
  83. Free Gift from Believers Voice of Victory
  84. Free Tiny Toast Cereal Sample
  85. Free 1 oz. sample of La Mer Reparative Body Lotion
  86. Free sample Comfort Craft Premium Mat
  87. Free G-Floor Sample
  88. Free 3oz bottle of Vital Oxide
  89. Free surprise samples from Sample Care Products - sign up on mailing list
  90. Free SPX Nutrition samples
  91. Free Nutri-Thin Samples
  92. Free Soft Floor sample
  93. Free Lanzii Home Fabric sample
  94. Free Flooring Sample - Greensboro and Wilmington
  95. Free ElastiTag® Samples - Company name required
  96. FREE samples of artificial grass products
  97. Free Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry sample
  98. Kamikaze Lube Sample - Canada
  99. Free bicycle tube
  100. Free Marmot Sticker
  101. Free Gaia Earthworks Dermal Mask Sample
  102. TRESemme free sample (Canada)
  103. Free EntireTea Matcha Green Tea Sample
  104. Free Pique Organic Tea Crystals Sample
  105. Free Tshirt from MacFly Fresh Apparel
  106. Free Geoffrey Plush Toy & Storybook at Toys R Us on 6/18 & 7/16
  107. Free Lego Build Event @ Toys R Us June 18th 11am-1pm Speed Champions Mini Trophy
  108. Free Bass Pro Shop Gone Fishing In-Store Event - 6/18-19
  109. Free Ice Age Bowling Game Workshop For Kids at Home Depot on 7/2
  110. Free Full-Size Salon Grafix Hairspray and Dry Shampoo - 6/16 - 6/17 at 6PM EST
  111. Free Firefly Mouth Rinses - Daily thru - 6/18 at 3PM EST
  112. Free Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man Build at Lowes on 6/25
  113. Free Lego Mini Winner’s Podium at Toys R Us on 6/18 - 11AM to 1PM
  114. Free LEGO Frog Mini Model Build - 7/5 & 7/6
  115. IHOP Free Meal just for signing up (US)
  116. Free Buckhead Sticker
  117. Free Do You Know Canada’s Prime Ministers? poster - Canada only
  118. Free Sticker Nevadans for Background Checks on All Gun Sales
  119. Free J Skis stickers
  120. Free G Project stickers
  121. Free Care About Climate Stickers
  122. Free Union Veterans Council Hardhat Sticker
  123. Free MarkForged Mark Two 3D Printed Part
  124. Free Me + My Naturals Digestive Enzyme Supplement Samples
  125. Free Future Female Leaders Party Like It’s 1776 Sticker
  126. Free Sample Motion Medicine
  127. Free sample of Sanaya Natural Pain Relief cream
  128. Free Fuxion Drink Product Sample
  129. Free Tanning Butter
  130. Free Caffeinated Soap
  131. Free soap sample from GG's Soap Shop
  132. Apple Store - Free workshop camp 2016 for kids aged to 8-12
  133. free sample of Kelapo coconut oil
  134. Free samples of Glue Down Marine Carpet & Flooring
  135. Free Ringtonica Flashlight Carabiner
  136. Free Ringtonica Multi-Purpose glue
  137. Free mousepad from Avquest Insurance
  138. Free Re-Verber-Ray Toddy Cloth or Detroit Radiant Products Co. Can Koozie
  139. Free Christmas Santa hat sample
  140. Free Sam’s Club Baby Box
  141. Free OfficeInStock Scroll Pen
  142. Free sample Dr Rubins Lip Balm and Sticker
  143. Free Beach Balms deluxe lip balm sample
  144. free sample of Skin Fix Body Repair Balm - Canada
  145. Free scented samples of wax
  146. Free scent samples from Mrs Todd Candles
  147. Free Soap Sample from Milly Verchar
  148. Free Sensual Massage Oil
  149. Free Custom Soap from Laruh Salon Spa
  150. Free Building Block Vitamins samples
  151. Free Beast Sports Nutrtion samples
  152. Free Sample Skinnies Zero-Calorie Cocktail Mixers
  153. Free Optimind Focus and Energy 10 capsule sample
  154. Free Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer
  155. FREE Cloud 9 Griptape stickers
  156. Free Hey Taco sticker - tweet
  157. FREE SHUT Vinyl Sticker
  158. FREE- "MITSY," Facial Moisturizing Creme from Lau Dun
  159. Free fencing samples from Critter Fence
  160. Free VERASTONE® Handcrafted Wallcovering samples
  161. free Playtex sport liner or pad offer
  162. Free "The Croods" movie download via Amazon
  163. Free Hashbrowns @ Waffle House
  164. Free Body Glove Sticker Pack
  165. #FreeShakeDay - Free Jr Black & White Milkshake - June 20th @ Wayback Burger
  166. Poise Free Samples & Coupons (US)
  167. Free Daily Goodie Box
  168. Free Pet food sample from Pet Way - Eastern VA and North Carolina
  169. Free sample from Royal Tablecloths
  170. Free Blue Chip Wrestling sticker
  171. Free Respect the Fish Decal
  172. Free engagement portraits - Gray, ME area
  173. Free Sample PurPod Coffee
  174. Free Cologuard T-Shirt
  175. Free Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake
  176. FREE Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade at Carl’s Jr. and Hardees
  177. FREE sample of FITTEAM Fit energy and fat loss beverage
  178. Free Head Country BBQ Sauce Sample
  179. Free sample of plastic lumber from Perennial Park Products
  180. Free 10 ft Solid Anti-Slip Glow In The Dark Tape Sample
  181. Free Tourniquets samples - Healthcare facility name
  182. Free sample of Generation Uth skin care
  183. free Breath-A-Licious Green Bones for your dog or cat
  184. Free Pink Surgical Gown - Healthcare
  185. free Element Botanicals sample pack - spas, boutique, health /wellness businesses
  186. Free Tip-Over Restraint Hardware Kits from IKEA
  187. Free Gardener’s Hand Healer Sample
  188. Free re:iimmune Illness Recovery Drink Mix sample
  189. Free Aqua Skin Care Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Cream
  190. Truv?a? Natural Sweetener sample
  191. Free 360 Sonic Baby Buddy Toothbrush
  192. Free Sample Aqua Skin Care Moisturizing Cream
  193. Free Can of Halo Cat Food
  194. Free Tenzing skin Care Shave Cream and Face Moisturizer samples
  195. Free SoreNoMore gel sample
  196. Free sample of Rev!ve Hemp Oil Salve
  197. Free "Profile" for men fragrance sample vial
  198. Free Snapple drink coupon on June 10th
  199. Free Father's Day entree at Spaghetti Warehouse
  200. Kids summer camp w/free Burpee seeds (FB)
  201. Free sample Robinsons lip therapy/repair
  202. Free fancy feast sample
  203. Free sample purina one cat food
  204. Free Go and Grow samples from Similac
  205. L'Oreal Free Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Sample (US)
  206. Rachael Ray Free Cat & Dog Food Samples (US)
  207. Free Solutions4 Pain Relief Kit
  208. Free sample water bottle from email
  209. Free Flexcin Motion Lotion joint relief
  210. Free sample pack of InflaDox herbal supplement
  211. Free sample from Goa Skincare
  212. Free Sample of MagPop! Magnesium supplement & effervescent drink - Canada only
  213. Free Gold Fill Pin Project Necklace
  214. Free sample watercolor paint tray from Gamblin Conservation
  215. Free Q 99.7 logo sticker
  216. Free Beauty Product Samples from Plum Perfect
  217. Free MapBox Sticker
  218. Free sample button/magnet
  219. FREE bottle of all-natural breath spray
  220. Free Sample Bottle of the Restart Your Life Trinity Lotion
  221. Free taste sample of nupro® natural pet supplements
  222. Free sample of Lotion Tan
  223. Free Animal Bookmarks for Kids
  224. Free I’m an Obama Democrat” sticker
  225. Free Over EZ Hangover Reduction Supplement Sample
  226. Free sample bottle of beard oil
  227. Free The Meatrix DVD
  228. Free James Allen Ring Sizer
  229. Free C-SPAN 2016 Electoral College Map Poster for Teachers
  230. Free Conju's 2 Step Skin Care System Sample
  231. Free Facial Botanicals Samples from Bella Des Natural Beauty
  232. Free sample of Black Silk Ceramic Art Tile
  233. Free Silk Swatches of Manito Luxury Silk Bedding Colors
  234. Free samples of silk, linen and organic cotton from Village Drapes
  235. Free bag sample from Bag Ladies
  236. Free 4-in-1 Blanket/ Seat Cushion/ Tote Bag/Weather Protector sample
  237. Free Wildflowers Plantable Seed Paper
  238. Free Robax Platinum pain reliever - Canada only
  239. Free Nick Crawford Show stickers
  240. Free OU Alumni Sticker
  241. Free Clipping Like A Pro from Weaver Leather Livestock
  242. Free University of Waterloo Science poster
  243. Free samples from CWC Print Design
  244. Free sample of Ostrich Feather Purple Grey wall covering - business
  245. Free watercolor paper samples from Woodland Albums
  246. free Fine Arts paper samples from Garzapapel
  247. Free sample of TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Hair Care - Canada only
  248. 3M™ Cavilon™ Durable Barrier Cream sample sachet - business
  249. Free Ultimate Flora Probiotic Gummies and Fizzy Drink Mix Sample
  250. Free BioTerra Herbs Travel Pack Sample - First 3,000