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  1. I'm Tired Of Dealing With Idiots!!
  2. hands up... who's going shopping day after x-mas....?
  3. Some ppl haev no sense!
  4. Happy Holiday's Everyone!
  5. I am glad to be off the next 2 days!
  6. Do You Send Christmas Cards?
  7. Is anyone else sick of shopping?
  8. We were on the recieving end of a random act of kindness
  9. Im being the change
  10. Peak and Off Peak Electric..Here's pricing for Fl
  11. Blue Jean Challenge
  12. Your Christmas Tree Mishaps...
  13. Adoption help!!
  14. Darth Vader is ringing the opening bell
  15. Here we go again...
  16. ok-i think i found ONE thing i like about winter....
  17. stolen baby jesus!!
  18. 10 Days Left ~ Are You Ready For 2010?
  19. Hello from South Texas
  20. Hello from Germany!
  21. my good friend is a hoarder.
  22. So Sweet
  23. Need a Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern...
  24. Dang, How'd I Get So Lazy???
  25. The Olympic Torch run just went past my store!
  26. Winter Exercise question.
  27. Happy Winter Solstice
  28. Does frugality all boil down to perspective?
  29. More winter weather......missing Christmas
  30. a .25 for every $1.....
  31. Actress Brittany Murphy
  32. Congratulations Yankee Mom
  33. Holiday Whine 2009
  34. Hail in Hawaii
  35. We were prepared for the snowstorm
  36. Living in a cave?
  37. Feelin' Kinda Gross.....
  38. I know it's early...
  39. I need help finding someone
  40. Snow snow snow!
  41. Anyone keep one room warm?
  42. Need help processing...
  43. Making Snow
  44. Done my Christmas shopping and feeling good!
  45. Helping the needy? Pt.2 A Success!
  46. small happy thought...
  47. It's been an interesting ride - to say the least!
  48. Very depressed
  49. A great thought for the day
  50. Brrrrr
  51. If you like magazines this is a great deal
  52. Wow 79.9% Interest rate
  53. Maybe SNOW in Va
  54. Anyone from St. John BC? or surrounding area??
  55. My house is freezing -- NOW !!!
  56. wachovia/WF vent
  57. great purchase!!!!
  58. Your Best Achievement in 2009?
  59. any night shifters??
  60. vote your best challenge at FV
  61. fake marine
  62. Dead woman in house 8 months
  63. Some Idiot Charged $908 On Our CC!
  64. Can I ask for more hours in the day?
  65. What are the 2010 FV Challenges?
  66. Hello from Edmonton, Alberta
  67. Must be fate! Sigh.......
  68. Name plates
  69. White Gold, stainless steel or sterling silver...
  70. I'm Going to Be So Sick of Sweets...
  71. Hard Times......
  72. The Secret of a Long, Happy Marriage
  73. Update on DD21 & Such...
  74. Frugal Holiday Tips - ideas for candy canes
  75. Computer problems - I'll be gone for awhile
  76. How old is you car?
  77. I was asked to speak!!!
  78. I feel bad..
  79. Anyone married/dating a much older person?
  80. Unbelieveable!
  81. My Good Buys
  82. I Wonder if Some People Thought I was Nuts....
  83. someone broke into my inlaws house durig church
  84. What do you really pay?
  85. Just For Laughs
  86. What is it with potatoes anymore?
  87. Never A Dull Moment Around Here
  88. Back from a mini-vacation away from FV
  89. 98 yr.old woman kills 100 yr.old roomate
  90. today....very unfrgual...but...
  91. congratulations Mrs McDowell
  92. Cookie Recipe needed
  93. we got our house!!
  94. The Christmas form letter
  95. christmas gift card
  96. Newbie here
  97. From Trash To Treasure
  98. dr bronner's products
  99. new granddaughter
  100. entertainment question
  101. who doesn't watch tv
  102. chin waxing
  103. the price of gas.....
  104. new email messages
  105. My minimal decorations
  106. I love Freecycle!! New oven
  107. How is your STATE doing in this recession ?
  108. We are going start restoring our victorian
  109. Government Healthcare
  110. Introduce the kids to sports
  111. Duggars have 19th child........
  112. What?? Shoplifting kid
  113. Hello from Nebraska!
  114. getting ready to clean inside the stove
  115. Ugh. Dead generator battery this morning...
  116. our 2010 'bucket list'....
  117. Anyone sign up for
  118. Cold & Flu Tips
  119. Holiday Shopping?
  120. Greetings
  121. 100 Christmas Cookie Recipies
  122. Back for good.
  123. Cancer article, important please read
  124. Something for the married folks!
  125. Help snowed in and have an unhappy b-day girl
  126. Brrr - It is chillly!
  127. Please Pray for my Grandma
  128. I quit my job - just a vent and very long
  129. Hello from MI
  130. snowed/iced in since Sunday nite
  131. Belts for small children?
  132. Do you get up before your family?
  133. I have car lust bad!!!!!!!!!
  134. purex 3-n-1 laundry sheets
  135. We need $62,460.11 more to hit 3/4 million Please Help
  136. Zhu Zhu
  137. Your 2009 Self-Assessment
  138. hairstylist and reduced visits
  139. coworker and $190
  140. water heater
  141. Angel Tree Question
  142. Warm winter sock recommendations, please
  143. Are there still sites to get free greeting cards around?
  144. Anybody know anything about payroll?
  145. CUTE kitty video!
  146. I just saw the cutest thing
  147. DD #1's Cheerteam won first place!
  148. Interesting Article: Forget Christmas Shopping
  149. new member 09.12.05
  150. Oh Rotavirus just go away
  151. Great Depression Story Project Ohio Dept Aging
  152. Squirrels, Never liked them much with their cute little faces
  153. Guess what I am doing tonight......
  154. Xerox says thank you to troops
  155. New Member
  156. New Geek
  157. Pro House Cleaning for women on chemo
  158. hmmm..I may have the best boss evah!
  159. observations from the license branch....
  160. I Felt Like Crying.....
  161. Hello from a new member
  162. Slimfast recall!
  163. Missed Period
  164. I missed you guys!
  165. wow what a deal...
  166. Clothes Lines
  167. from cave to castle
  168. Message from MauiMagic
  169. The cost of tonights dinner
  170. Homemade Dog Biscuits
  171. The Pink Glove Dance for breast cancer awareness....
  172. Supposed to Snow Tomorrow!
  173. Is it me??
  174. Happy Birthday Michelle68, Rebookie, and cattz64
  175. Way to Go Maui!
  176. Helping the needy?
  177. Starting a relationship with God
  178. Is there anyone near Pensacola?
  179. Our Flip House....A Weekly Story
  180. Goldmans Receive Record Breaking Bonuses This Year
  181. What do you decorate for Christmas?
  182. Neighbor gifts
  183. time on FV
  184. frugal friends
  185. Flying with babies.
  186. I have just typed 2
  187. landlord dropped off gift
  188. In Wake of Dubai, Trying to Predict the Next Blowup
  189. Brag about my dd
  190. has anyone started thinking about their goals for 2010?
  191. Update to my mold question
  192. I dont know what to do???
  193. Christmas Cookie exchange
  194. Hi again!
  195. What would you do if you won the lottery
  196. new season of 'hoarders' on A&E.....
  197. I heart hand me downs!
  198. What is your end goal for being frugal
  199. Arghh!! My Oven :(
  200. I need some help...
  201. I need an intervention!!!
  202. i was on tv all weekend...over and over and over again....
  203. Congratulations Mauimagic
  204. Well today it happened - layed off
  205. I did it!!!!!!!
  206. Very new...
  207. Need help making a Questions Game :) Please
  208. Wish me luck!!
  209. Temptation
  210. I just wanted to share with EVERYONE...
  211. Problems at work
  212. Not new...but back
  213. Giant SCORE!! On Baby Formula and Other Stuff
  214. Pictures of my cakes...
  215. Science Fair project help needed!
  216. totally shocked at craft supply prices!!!
  217. what a wonderful gift idea!!
  218. Impressed by a bank employee
  219. We got an offer on our house!!!
  220. zhu zhu pets
  221. Practicing my buttercream roses for my new job...
  222. Totally digging the Dollar Tree today!!!
  223. Maggie Moo Cow
  224. My best freebie yet!!!
  225. Are you a text queen or king
  226. I am so exausted.
  227. your idea of frugal vs cheap
  228. My FABULOUS minimalist Christmas decorating scheme
  229. Black and decker energy savers series contest
  230. What!!! Insurance rates
  231. How's the weather where you are?
  232. addicted
  233. Im sorry but this is my kitchen
  234. Making the best use of this looong weekend!
  235. how many gifts for your kids?
  236. I Counted My Blessings, and.....
  237. Im baking today
  238. Happy Thanksgiving!
  239. I have a coupon - maybe someone can use it
  240. Agghh - families
  241. Hit the motherlode today!!!
  242. Mark It On Your Calander!..."BUY NOTHING DAY"...Saturday, November 28th
  243. Pop up Christmas trees?
  244. And they say romance is dead!!! (sarcastic)
  245. question about pumpkin pie
  246. Last day: Contest book giveaway
  247. I did it!
  248. Don't want to decorate this year.
  249. Gee I swear today will be terrific not rotten!
  250. layaway