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  1. did ya miss me???
  2. "New" to this site
  3. Have a little boo-boo
  4. New To The Forums
  5. Returning to the site
  6. Great online friend sent me a ton of mags
  7. Yippee! There are 48 people "walking around" in the Village right now!!!
  8. It's my parents 41 st wedding anniversary!
  9. It's raining!!!!
  10. link~ smiley fun
  11. Hurricane Alex - here we go again!!!
  12. my son has dual citizenship
  13. Grandmother and greatgrandparent poems
  14. HI Everyone
  15. "T" minus...
  16. Welcome Katie!!
  17. New to Forum
  18. Welcome Footballwife!
  19. What kind of magic happens in your house everyday?
  20. elusive sleep tonight
  21. Hi I am new here
  22. Ugh!
  23. Moving, AGAIN!?!?
  24. Wanna see our freebie?
  25. Another Newbie!
  26. A newbie here
  27. This morning was my last day of the paper route...
  28. This weekends plans?
  29. Welcome anelth
  30. Sheriff Joe Arpaio (in Arizona) is doing it RIGHT!!:
  31. You guys are gonna crack up..guess where im going tonite?
  32. Dont know if i already posted this or not...
  33. Welcome siamesekitty
  34. Anyone do Netflix??
  35. Anyone NOT Like scary movies??
  36. Welcome milleficent
  37. Welcome marty1010
  38. C.J., I'm sharing my
  39. heading to parents house in am
  40. My middle son's Senior pictures
  41. I think I have seen it all now!
  42. welcome sweetjayne
  43. Congratulations Shell on post 1,000 plus
  44. Want to improve your vocabulary?
  45. What are you all doing today...
  46. Mydoom (version O) virus alert,
  47. Help!
  48. Not the fruit Queen
  49. Thanks!
  50. The Old Rusty Bucket
  51. Going to visit my parents today!*I'm back!*
  52. Whoa...big spender
  53. Does ANYONE have a friend like this??
  54. I have got to tame the TV monster!
  55. What's for dinner? 7-27
  56. Did something today, I hardly ever do!
  57. Hi All...Been gone for awhile...
  58. now the car battery died
  59. Another "good intention" email
  60. The Most Beautiful Person
  61. Good News, Bad News....
  62. I am now the proud owner of...
  63. Tax free dates for 04
  64. Meteor showers
  65. City Info
  66. chat?
  67. New Here
  68. An ancient picture of me :)
  69. What are your plans for the weekend?
  70. illustration maker
  71. Yoohoo Sunshine (Denise)
  72. I'm At Lori"s!!!!!!!!
  73. Well, today I managed to. . . .
  74. Gourmet Chicken
  75. Call me Fruit Queen!
  76. I need composition help!! NOW!!!!!
  77. I am not answering my door any more.
  78. *whine* Jaysn has this flu bug now too!
  79. now the washing machine is broken
  80. Heat advisory here again today.
  81. Michael Jackson to father quads?
  82. Welcome sweetjayne
  83. Cj, Heather, Margery and any other Canucks that we have out there
  84. Ideas please
  85. oh Robin aka Robadob
  86. Vacation time again.....
  87. my dryer broke
  88. Welcome Cashmere
  89. *Updated! We are home!*Look out beach, here we come!
  90. Lol Debbie!
  91. Plans for today-Sunday 7/18
  92. Flowers
  93. rain, rain go away
  94. What are you doing today? (Sat 7/17)
  95. What jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?
  96. while the cat's away...
  97. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag...
  98. I guess everyone has given up!!
  99. Yesterday was my lucky day!!!
  100. Am I a worry wort?
  101. Anyone have a TracFone?!
  102. *sigh*
  103. Guess where I'm going in February!!
  104. Been away for a while but hopefully I'm back!
  105. It's a boy!!
  106. This is it
  107. Plastic canvas tote bag patterns
  108. New to the boards
  109. Finding old friends/relatives
  110. Dad had stint #2 put in yesterday
  111. Oreos!!!
  112. Finally!
  113. May need to take a trip......
  114. Some Food for thought.....
  115. Chat?
  116. Oh CJ-How Beautiful!!!
  117. weird dream
  118. Yippee!!!! Bev's Back
  119. Three inches of rain last, with more to come tonight
  120. Wow, thank you!!
  121. My firecracker!
  122. I miss Bev...heavensent_7...
  123. not feeling overwhelmed as much...*feeling better*
  124. still up for chat?
  125. Woohooo!
  126. Hello from yet one more Newbie
  127. Well I'm Home
  128. our weather
  129. funny sight this morning downtown
  130. Wanna chat later?
  131. a little Update: My life the last 2 days....(long)
  132. Post 2,000 for me!
  133. "I have no idea" is NOT what I want from Customer Service...
  134. ChemoAngels in People magazine this week!
  135. I'm back!!
  136. What are you doing today?
  137. Ok as updated below.....Texas
  138. Help me a bit....where do you live? UPDATE
  139. 7 pages!!
  140. Leaving on Saturday
  141. chat anyone?
  142. Hi, from the newest newbie!
  143. Congratulations Margery (CanadianGardener) on post 2,000
  144. Congratulations to Kat's DH Joe!!!!
  145. The blessings keep pouring in. . . .
  146. Wow...all i can say is wow...
  147. Is it possible that my printer hates me?
  148. I just wanted to wish you all a beautiful day!
  149. Keep your fingers crossed...
  150. Taxes!!!!
  151. anyone want to chat?
  152. Kudos to my sis!!
  153. I guess I'm in a rut
  154. What do you have most of in your fridge?
  155. I had a quiet afternoon for a change
  156. Good Morning Everyone.....
  157. Picture of my great uncle and great aunt
  158. My dd on her horse yesterday
  159. Have to laugh at dh
  160. New Gal in Town
  161. What's for dinner this 4th of July?
  162. Our 2nd car is officailly dead...maybe not...Pierre is trying again...
  163. Improving the economy
  164. Happy 4th July!
  165. I have posted pictures of my prize
  166. Welcome lec29!
  167. Check this out
  168. whatcha doin' today?
  169. Have you seen the Saturn pictures?
  170. Brando dies at 80
  171. Got my package today from Debbie
  172. Like to poke around websites?
  173. Guess what I did????
  174. Marlon Brando dead at the age of 80
  175. Welcome to all the Newbies!
  176. Have you seen a doll like DD's?
  177. Hi...I'm back!!!
  178. Just wanted to share my happy day
  179. Like to hum? I need your help.
  180. hey hey what's cookin'?
  181. my future in laws are on the way!
  182. Round em up...move em out!!!!
  183. 3 Pounds of M&M's Debbie- where are you?
  184. Hi I just found this community
  185. July 1 - YAY it's canada day !!!
  186. Dinner conversations...
  187. Congratulations Hmsclmom!!!!! (Debbie)
  188. Do you have plans for the 4th?
  189. Guess what I did!!!!
  190. heading off to go meet carolyn
  191. It's a slumber party!!!
  192. Want On Walden Pond text?
  193. Interesting to say the least....
  194. I'm too young to look this old!!!!
  195. Some of my poetry as requested by homesteadingmama and calico
  196. Link~ Like to doodle?
  197. Sorry I went missing
  198. something that you may not know about me is...
  199. Need Help...research paper....Vietnam ERA
  200. What a difference a century makes.....
  201. WAY overpriced Soft Drinks (long Vent)
  202. Hello
  203. My shopping trip!
  204. Where are your patriotic avatars?
  205. Arter all this time, a face to put with my
  206. Remember my special cousin last week??
  207. Have to cut back
  208. Spelling test
  209. Another golfing date
  210. Everyone ~ Welcome my neighbor ~ GIJANE!!
  211. Had to go scrounging this morning
  212. Hugging Clay...
  213. weird request
  214. origin of the piggy bank
  215. I saw School Supplies out at the store today!
  216. everyday answers to scientific phenomena
  217. Made it safely!!
  218. In Quebec we are celebrating La Saint-Jean Batiste.
  219. On my way to my parents for a visit!
  220. Still in Vancouver but very good news!
  221. New Book
  222. My aunt Francine' show....
  223. Last day of school for Patrick and Daniel!
  224. Sad day for the world, Mattie Stepanek dies
  225. I am still alive! Update
  226. Anyone Shop Old Navy Online.....
  227. That's a lot of hair
  228. Clay Walker
  229. I saw justin timberlake and cameron diaz
  230. The DMV messed up really bad.*Updated*
  231. Noah- praying at church yesterday
  232. Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind...
  233. Just wanted to say...
  234. A full house again!
  235. weather rant
  236. Mr. Picassohead
  237. The Virtual Body
  238. I took my aunt Francine shopping today.
  239. We're flying out tomorrow!!
  240. anyone having trouble logging in to yahoo mail?
  241. Well I'm off to Vancouver for a few days to see a specialist
  242. Talk about your stupid little fees!
  243. I told myself no more capri sun...
  244. Glad to be here
  245. Glad to be here!
  246. ruby tuesday's ugh
  247. I'm busy getting Patrick ready for his 3 day school camp.
  248. What did you do last night after dinner?
  249. Anyone feel like chatting?
  250. What do you consider perfect weather?