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  1. What Is Driving You Crazy Today?
  2. I Wish I Had The Courage To...
  3. What Do You Think About The Tiny House Movement?
  4. I splurged and bought
  5. What Do Enjoy Doing In Your Free Time?
  6. Share Your Corner Of The World With Us!
  7. What Keeps You Coming Back?
  8. Foaming Soap Dispensers
  9. Officially Unemployed by choice, it is scary!!
  10. Frugal Village on Pinterest!
  11. Would you marry someone who stayed at home?
  12. Like us on Facebook!
  13. acabin42~I'm so sorry for the loss of your Husband.
  14. My 9 year old won a scholarship!
  15. Browsing the forum after being away a LONGGGGG TIME
  16. tuna fish is shrinking agan
  17. Heloc troubles....New flood of foreclosures
  18. Work in retirement...Don't bet on it!!
  19. How much are you paying for cable and internet?
  20. Bread machines?? Are they worth it the $$$?
  21. A whole new wardrobe ( what would get get)
  22. Practically new again!
  23. I Can't Believe It! I'm Finally A Grandmother!
  24. Took a leap of faith today... I am going to be a stay at home wife!!
  25. Got the taxes done and ended up a little better than I expected!
  26. Happy Easter
  27. Hand made stuff?
  28. Thinking of you Raiquee today..
  29. Raw Organic Soap?
  30. Does anyone eat carton eggs like Egg Beaters?
  31. Rough week at work last week
  32. My daughter did pretty well with her lent charity and now I have to pay up.
  33. Long time member Baxjul passed away.
  34. Posting about charities
  35. After years of being frugal it's starting to pay off.
  36. how does a financial planner work?
  37. Uses for 1-gallon small-mouth glass jugs?
  38. My Grandmother passed away this morning.
  39. Job Interview!
  40. Joined FrugalVillage 10 yrs ago today.
  41. Yesterday's luxuries...
  42. Walmart gift cards
  43. Potential Turbo Tax fraud
  44. Heartwarmer
  45. frugalwarrior2 had bithday the 4th
  46. I get fed up easily, not rational I know
  47. I don't believe it! :(
  48. Baby supply suggestions
  49. Word of advice
  50. Hello
  51. Learning to just say NO!
  52. need a new (to me) car.
  53. My dear mother is driving me batty
  54. Looking for a thread
  55. Warning for people on social security/SSI due to mental care...
  56. Is this a horrible idea?
  57. Simple ingredients
  58. Tracy..OMG..I can't believe I'm seeing you post again!
  59. How and what is in Mc Donald's Fries?
  60. I hate leg day but I'm a little proud of myself
  61. Buying a cell phone for the first time
  62. Any Victoria Secret codes out there?
  63. Might have to work all five days this week!
  64. Bug-Out-Bags...Are you prepared for an emergency?
  65. How much does gas cost where you live?
  66. More cuts coming to SNAP - Food Stamps
  67. $1,000,000 retirement built a penny at a time
  68. Hi, new here hoping to get some help in saving $ after SS checks get used up ea mo
  69. Wondermill is giving away grain mills to food bloggers
  70. Bring on the snow!
  71. After having so many days off over Christmas.....
  72. Hi everyone! I'm here to introduce myself. :)
  73. How I increased my income by $1,200 in 2014
  74. New Year's Resolutions or Goals
  75. Anyone live in two homes?
  76. I'm going to do something a little different this year.......
  77. Elderberry Tincture & Tea Tree Oil...
  78. My friend died.
  79. Greetings from Virginia
  80. Ayanka/melody - Thank you for the ER advice.
  81. Reintroducing myself.
  82. My Christmas Eve "Crazy Meat Deal"
  83. Merry Christmas
  84. Needing recommendations--stainless steel water bottle
  85. Changing username?
  86. New Here
  87. On a positive note,
  88. Worst day ever
  89. Eating out is over rated
  90. Advice needed
  91. Apple Cider was outside - is it still good?
  92. Emergency Fund
  93. Are the chickens on strike?
  94. New here, 47 and have never been very frugal
  95. How old are our users here?
  96. Really, we are STILL on the car.
  97. Eating and the Holidays?
  98. I thought Murphy had left but I was wrong
  99. Hi Everyone :)
  100. Hello... I'm here to get a grip
  101. Foodsaver & Yankee Candle AWESOME Black friday deals..
  102. Black Friday sales. Share
  103. US Higher Education Frustrations
  104. What are the best charities to send donations?
  105. I need your help on approaching a company about missing credit
  106. What Are Your Five BEST Money Saving Tips?
  107. Does anyone know how to weigh aluminum cans?
  108. I'm soooo cheap that
  109. Solution for $$$ Theft from bank accounts
  110. Hows your Thansgiving sales?
  111. Pressure to get the best deal getting to me
  112. I have been absent but now I am back
  113. I think I'm overwhelmed
  114. Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day!
  115. Why or why does everything have to be replaced or fixed right now?
  116. Documentary Fed up trailer what are your thoughts?
  117. I'm Ubering to increase my income
  118. RIP dear microwave
  119. reading Mary Hunt,'s book Debt Proof Living
  120. Great Wolf Lodge
  121. I'm about to lose it with my daughter
  122. latest edition of "Extreme Cheapskates"
  123. The Elections are Over--Now vote for ZHOEN!!! ;)
  124. Due to layoffs I am no longer employed
  125. saying no to the rat race
  126. We Finally Got a Family Dr.
  127. Life Seems to be all about the numbers lately
  128. New to the forum
  129. Spend money on the things you use everyday
  130. Health insurance sticker shock
  131. My Life the Sitcom (episode title I do not think this is what catch a break means)
  132. Bankruptcy Attorney
  133. Why do you save?
  134. My greed took over....I'm switching companies.
  135. Howdy, am new
  136. Mc Donald's Box meal (what do yo think)
  137. My Father Passed Away This Morning
  138. Hi, found this site looking for a grater for soap
  139. Kitchens are Awesome
  140. Can't get by on $100k per year
  141. Hello....I'm deeply in debt
  142. Do you believe in the old perdictions ?
  143. home depot possible credit data breech
  144. cards data compromised Goodwill
  145. Our daily observations here on the Battlefront... ~
  146. Preparing for winter
  147. I Get To Join the "Grandma Club"!
  148. Need to vent...
  149. Hello
  150. Happy Birthday Sis! (Sara Noel)
  151. Hello everyone :-D
  152. tips for a guest room, please
  153. My biggest weakness is
  154. Hello to All
  155. new member
  156. Just became a victim of credit card fraud
  157. Conducive study at home...
  158. Caffeine issues?
  159. walmart-launches-new-price-match
  160. What is your favorite coupon app (and any other frugal apps you REALLY like)????
  161. TV & net browsing used to be compulsive to me,now it's a TREAT
  162. I'm not new!
  163. Scrapbooking Supplies
  164. I'm enjoying my day off in bed browsing
  165. Best Way to sell things?
  166. Cheap School Clothes
  167. Grocery stores and veggie and fruit waste - An idea
  168. Auto Save
  169. Poor Kids on Frontline
  170. How far would you go? (house question)
  171. New are you feeling about the Market Basket mess?
  172. Well it's been a while folks =)
  173. Ready to throw in the towel!
  174. An Organization that helps pay for braces
  175. Good Morning from Calverty County Maryland!
  176. Creature comforts
  177. Chore Chart
  178. our free and near free shopping day
  179. Had a minor car accident over the weekend and things are getting strange
  180. Hello
  181. The empty pickle jar
  182. Happy Independence Day
  183. Vegan Barista from Washington State, Hello!
  184. So proud of my son and wife
  185. On Baby Step 3!
  186. Is Autism in girls really that rare? Please post if you have a DD on the spectrum...
  187. Adventures with wildlife
  188. Emergency Visit to the .....
  189. Finding it harder to afford life..thinking ahead!
  190. Little Free Libraries Have you seen these in your community?
  191. Hi Everyone
  192. One Pair of Shoes
  193. Picking the Brains of the Peanut Gallery - Frugal or Simplicity?
  194. I've fallen off the Wagon - HELP!
  195. Amber teething beads??
  196. It's National Splurge Day...who knew that was a 'thing'?
  197. Ok mamas of young kids-favorite kids tv show?
  198. well, I did it.
  199. Advice needed about dealing with a clingy ex-stepmother
  200. ......and on a positive note.......
  201. what does shop local mean to you?
  202. It's been almost 5 weeks since the dog attack not sure what to do
  203. How long til you begin to go 'really hungry'....
  204. If You Were Given $10,000...
  205. 11 Skills That Your grt.Grandparents Had That You Don't
  206. Help me think this through
  207. Addicted to Browsing internet & watching TV in Bed
  208. I have started Blessings In A Backpack here(joined the Canadian chapter)
  209. Opinions on Home Improvement Loan
  210. I think we have a creepy in the house
  211. Frugal Reading
  212. High glucose
  213. I have very little sympathy for these people...
  214. Amazing Stuff
  215. A new site low for me
  216. Noobie!
  217. Pretend you had a house fire ( A think it out game/process)
  218. Time Management : Waking up early
  219. Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without
  220. Family friend suicidal?
  221. Money Saving Hobbies
  222. New member
  223. Newbie Member
  224. ".... A Leading Authority On What Shouldn’t Be In Poor People’s Grocery Carts" Satire
  225. Prepare for Work/Activities Tomorrow the night before
  226. Should I call a lawyer?
  227. Starting a backpack program in my town called "Backpacks 4 Success" and I'm nervous
  228. Work Lunch - bring my own lunch to a restaurant?
  229. Cleaning Service
  230. Are smaller sizes just a return to normal portions?
  231. Are smaller sizes just a return to normal portions?
  232. More money for less stuff, again
  233. How could net neutrality affect this website?
  234. Paying for things that "benefit" you
  235. New here, looking for money management support!
  236. The Flip Flops must have been destinied to be mine :)
  237. Where are you a minority?
  238. Hello! New here!
  239. Employee filed bankruptcy and got fired!
  240. Being frugal do you consider a smartphone a WANT or a NEED?
  241. Stay at home parents needed to take quick survey!!
  242. Hello!
  243. What hobbies travel easily?
  244. Smartphone/Dumbphone/Neither
  245. selling a house
  246. Lifestyle Inflation
  247. Recipe for super easy crockpot lasange
  248. Retirement tips that worked for you
  249. Hello All!
  250. All moved in