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  1. Thinking of cutting my own hair again
  2. anyone dealing with anxiety?
  3. is anyone on Medicare yet?
  4. Free Medical/Dental Clinics in other cities
  5. Free medical/dental Clinic in Beckley, WV July 13-15
  6. How To Stay On Track At Your Fourth of July BBQ
  7. Good resource for learning Zumba-type moves?
  8. finding a style (clothing and accessories)
  9. Anyone follow Weight Watchers and stick to a budget? ideas?
  10. What are some of your guilt free treats?
  11. My annual checkup
  12. Take control of your health and save money too
  13. Capsule wardrobe?
  14. Is There Really A BEST Way To Lose Weight?
  15. So is coffee a diuretic?
  16. Who knew walking was bad for me? and other good news
  17. What are your favorite products and why
  18. 50 Simple Health Tips
  19. 5 Beauty Products You Should Never Share
  20. 8 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger
  21. 21 Home Remedies That Actually Work!
  22. How To Heal Your Eyesight Naturally
  23. How to Stop Snoring
  24. 14 Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain
  25. 16 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A Headache
  26. weight loss ( people noticing or not noticing)
  27. Mindless eating
  28. Why We DIet ( Article)
  29. DIY skin care remedies
  30. Outfit Choices that are safe & comfy for public transport
  31. Back to school shopping
  32. Economic slowdown tied to rise in obesity in richer nations, report says
  33. Pesky gallbladder!
  34. Exercising without equipment
  35. Health quest :)
  36. FREE 12 wk health seminar online
  37. Taking weight loss to the next level?
  38. bras on amazon?
  39. new to homemade shampoo
  40. Building a wardrobe in 2014
  41. Going gluten free
  42. Yearly cost of Vitamins and suplements
  43. If you need workout motivation this is the guy...
  44. Andes candies and food allergies
  45. Question re: broken finger
  46. just diagnosed with hypothyroidism....
  47. possible pink eye
  48. Would you make your own lipstick?
  49. I was hoping
  50. changing diet for eczema/psoriasis
  51. Frugal Fashionista Finds?
  52. Would you wear worn out clothes?
  53. About 3 years without buying any clothes
  54. ecigs
  55. How does one eat Healthy?
  56. Started Weight Watchers yet again!!
  57. Aluminum In Deodorant & Antiperspirant
  58. Anyone here on Humira?
  59. Surgery this week
  60. check prices with prescription ins
  61. losing fat without losing weight?
  62. Ugh!! It's Time To lOse Weight...Again!!
  63. Plastic Surgery
  64. Skin care products for ezcema NOT containing oatmeal?
  65. Eye Floaters?
  66. If they come in 3's....
  67. Milk
  68. Experince with mail in RX plans
  69. So I survived the Mammogram...
  70. Homemade hot oil/moisture hair treatment?
  71. Moisturizer
  72. Question for ladies 40 and up
  73. "No-poo" and oil cleaning method
  74. Yoga anyone?
  75. make up primer?
  76. Flu is rampant...
  77. Frugal fit multi-tasking
  78. Zumba it is fun but is it effective & frugal?
  79. Vitamins and Supplements
  80. Going to stop dying hair.
  81. Home Remedies
  82. Shingles? How did it start for you? Not sure.....
  83. Heading to the Doc today.
  84. I almost went back to the brown crack!
  85. Does anyone use Tea Tree Oils?
  86. Gum graft procedure and healing process
  87. Nestle recalls Nesquik.........salmonella...
  88. No more Diet Coke - what are you addicted to?
  89. Weight watchers? I am starving!
  90. I have an itch
  91. Janine's 6 Months to a new me challenge...Doin' it low carb style
  92. Cost per Outfit
  93. Wardrobe redo
  94. Making the change to whole wheat
  95. Finally hit my goal weight!!!!
  96. Its a LONG road to a new me!
  97. Iritis
  98. The apple versus the pear - What do you know?
  99. Went to urgent
  100. "The WillPower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do
  101. Consistency
  102. Post your workouts here!
  103. Online food diaries. Which one do you follow?
  104. Interesting article on cholesterol
  105. Urgent Weight Gain Needed
  106. Hello and a question about contact lenses
  107. Cholesterol testing at the pharmacy?
  108. Well I got the results of the Cat scan
  109. I Think Our Daughter has Type 1 Diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. Dole salad recall---for nine states.
  111. Are you watching your salt intake?
  112. Does anybody 'juice'?
  113. New product allert ladies!
  114. puffy eyes, what works?
  115. Dental Hell
  116. Razors
  117. Any tricks to cutting your own hair?
  118. Mary Kay
  119. Olive oil as a moisturizer
  120. joined a gym
  121. Choosing the right shampoo for healthy hair..
  122. I have been having
  123. allergies and asthma
  124. How well do you paint your own fingernails?
  125. Medic Alert
  126. Does ANY mascara stay put anymore?!?
  127. Has anyone tried...
  128. Just quit smoking!
  129. Ob/Gyn visits EVERY YEAR!!!!!
  130. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
  131. Are U a Coke or Pepsi drinker?
  132. whitening toe nails from dark polish
  133. Asthma
  134. Febrile seizure in a seven-year-old?
  135. thought this might interest you
  136. homemade cough syrup
  137. Mars company to limit calories in the candy bars they sell
  138. Menopause Question
  139. Gaining fitness.
  140. If You Were To Build A Wardrobe From Scratch....
  141. Dental insurance questions
  142. Has anyone had a endometrial ablasion?
  143. If you like documentaries like fat, sick and nearly dead....
  144. Free Shipping - Lauren Hutton
  145. How do I keep my hair color from fading.
  146. Any fat-burning supplement recommendations?
  147. First Mammo in 2 weeks **nervous**
  148. Dental Implant?
  149. Weight Loss Food
  150. Any ideas for knee pain?
  151. Healthier/Wealthier New Year
  152. Foods That Kill
  153. Microneedling - anyone heard of it?
  154. how to loose weight quickly?
  155. no!no! hair removal device question
  156. My $1 Haircut
  157. Had a little mishap today.
  158. Any weight loss/strength gaining recommendations?
  159. Made a decision this morning
  160. Proud of my father
  161. My DH is a diabetic help?
  162. Check Your Health department for Free Smokers help
  163. 20% off Sue Devitt Beauty
  164. need help with my husbands smoking
  165. Kimberly Clark tampon recall.........
  166. Turbo Fire anyone?
  167. Wetting hair instead of shampooing
  168. skin acne tip
  169. I'm not feeling very good today
  170. My Daughter Has a Never-Ending Cough...(Need advice)
  171. Bed Wetter
  172. On my way to a smoke-free lifestyle
  173. I am now minus one gallbladder
  174. Why am enraged all the time?
  175. Info for people with thyroid issues.....
  176. Good riddance
  177. As tacky as I think?
  178. Parabens?
  179. ? about allergies to nail polish?
  180. Ganglion Cysts
  181. What career will suit your personality?
  182. Doctor is proud of me
  183. Insanity DVD????
  184. How to not be a lazy bum.
  185. Anyone do BodyFlex exercise?
  186. Top ten DIY beauty seen in Glamour
  187. Feeling very positive(women's thread)
  188. IntraMax anyone?
  189. fat sick and nearly dead
  190. NSV story (non scale victory) story, what's yours?
  191. health insurance
  192. If you have netflix watch this
  193. Weight loss after 7 days of change in diet and exercise
  194. 25% off contacts
  195. Rashes on back
  196. Curves?
  197. Jillian Michael's 30 day shred
  198. running
  199. Low Carb on a Budget?!
  200. I need some help from my Fellow Thyroid Sufferers
  201. I need to become a little more HEART HEALTHY and need
  202. My Dr Suggested ALLI?
  203. I have to watch it
  204. Total Hip Replacement
  205. I didn't realize we had so many Thyroid peeps here!
  206. Lisinopril/HCTZ
  207. Dental Surgery Advice - Jaw Realignment/Braces
  208. bells palsy?
  209. acupuncture
  210. anemia
  211. For the makeup lovers....
  212. Question about soy, sheesh its in everything!
  213. Cymbalta
  214. Article: Nine healthy ways to boost fat loss for bathing suit season
  215. 100 Calorie Snack/Meals/Satisfiers Experiment
  216. Calorie and Nutrition Finder website
  217. WeightWatchers PointsPlus
  218. bad teeth
  219. IBS Relief!
  220. Dental Pain after Filling
  221. Primatene mist being pulled from the market
  222. Bowflex or similars .. for frugal-er prices?
  223. favorite beauty products steals and Splurges
  224. Running for the halibut
  225. A "drop-weight" prevention workout
  226. Huh..low thyroid...
  227. Ladies only (just for your benefit guys lol)
  228. Should I or Shouldn't I- Dentist question
  229. Yoga DVD
  230. Allergy Meds While Breastfeeding???
  231. Creating an inexpensive "home gym"...
  232. Anyone have a pilates door knob rope exerciser?
  233. Healthy alternatives
  234. ...and you broke your toe how?
  235. Still trying to quit smoking.
  236. Broken Leg - any hints?
  237. Fruit and Veggie Poll
  238. Diabetes prevention via diet and exercise?
  239. looking for a sensible diet program (and a diet buddy)
  240. Ugh, I have the flu again!
  241. "Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.
  242. Anyone suffer from Scalp Psoriasis?
  243. Surgery update
  244. Award winning ad
  245. Wii Zumba, Anyone?
  246. Antibiotics and fever in toddlers
  247. I'm very concerned
  248. Surgery
  249. 8 Germiest Public Places
  250. Ekg