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  1. soon?
  2. Question for People with no children
  3. Social Security's waiting month RANT
  4. How to survive till/past 65!
  5. First Grand child on the way
  6. My first post in this forum.
  7. aiming at 60+ experience
  8. I'm putting in for my Early Retirement
  9. Stay-at-home Wives?
  10. Is it Wrong for Me to Nudge My Adult Child to See the Door Out?
  11. would you send a gift?
  12. What does YOUR retirement community need to have?
  13. Feeling like an awful Grandma... alittle long
  14. We are retiring at the end of this year :)
  15. How do you "Frugal" Grandparent a baby? (long)
  16. when will i get it??
  17. question for women in their 40's
  18. Help adjusting to assisted living facility
  19. I'm leaving the nest. (long if I start to ramble)
  20. loss of patience
  21. 2 months until "sort of empty nested" (LONG)
  22. Well it finally happened
  23. is this a mid life crisis??
  24. Do you feel like a babysitter instead of a grandmother
  25. Light topic, "'re staying?" Teen not leaving the nest.
  26. Am I being too sensitive?
  27. Should I use middle-age as an excuse to avoid socializing?
  28. Is Classic car insurance cheaper than regular insurance?
  29. Are you saving stuff for grandchildren you may not even receive?
  30. omg!! too funny!
  31. perimenopause?
  32. Silver Highlights
  33. Social Security Estimated Benefits
  34. hormones getting outta whack
  35. DH driving me crazy!
  36. when your adult offspring maybe making a decision not the best $ wise ...
  37. Did you fill your empty nest with pets?
  38. How do we begin?
  39. Article on Maximizing Social Security Benefits
  40. The Eye of the Hurricane..
  41. Defining Retirement
  42. Vision changes as we age
  43. special challenges of having children late in life
  44. Moving a parent
  45. Should I go back to school...
  46. May I just scream for a moment
  47. Costco, retirement, humour
  48. AARP anyone?
  49. our aging parents....
  50. Hello, from Kansas
  51. Contacted a relative that does not know of me.
  52. So is 42 just the most boring birthday ever..
  53. I need advice from the nurses on this board.
  54. Have you all noticed that you SAVOR life more?
  55. Younger bosses/supervisors at work
  56. Fashion Know How
  57. Cars we loved.
  58. Anyone ever heard the 'Dolly Playmate' song?
  59. Oldest televison shows you remember watching.
  60. Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water
  61. Things we learn as we grow older...
  62. Regrets
  63. Newbie
  64. Do You Think This Is True?
  65. I Remember When..........
  66. Is it Less expensive or More expensive..
  67. How did/will your diet change when the kids are grown?
  68. What do you DO when the kids leave??
  69. How Long Does It Take......
  70. Once Retired. Rent or Own?
  71. finding info
  72. Any other older parents?
  73. How many $$ will you need when you retire to live on?
  74. Retirement Surprises?
  75. Will you be debt free when you retire?
  76. At what age do you plan to retire or do you think...
  77. Once retired, what do you plan on doing?
  78. Anyone coming to the time of empty nesters?
  79. Sharing a home with the grands
  80. Out of town grand baby
  81. Anyone have any experience with assisted living?
  82. Work is killing me
  83. Cute website for "boomers"
  84. Anyone Else NOT Want a Car?
  85. Increased Sex Drive
  86. Anyone Switching Careers in Mid-Stream?
  87. Keeping Busy...
  88. I'm officially a third ager...
  89. A Nice Site
  90. The Sandwich Generation - Argh! The Bread!
  91. The Empty Nest--the good and not-so-good
  92. Can We EVER Really Retire?
  93. retirement finance resources?
  94. Greatest compliment?
  95. Dudeee!! I just now noticed this part of the board.
  96. 40+
  97. Motivation: How To Get Going!
  98. OMG, I'm 40 now! I can post in here!
  99. Name some things you appreciate MUCH more or notice now
  100. Mother Goose for the middle aged.
  101. What part of your body will wear out first?
  102. Third agers--do you feel conflicted?
  103. Kind of a blah feeling day...
  104. Taking Care of Parents
  105. Questions for Third Agers...
  106. If your kids are grown...
  107. Good Morning!
  108. I'm just so lonely! Finding a purpose(Very Long)
  109. Raising DGS!
  110. Retirement...... how's it going?
  111. Do you ever feel........
  112. What are you the most proud of?
  113. Question?
  114. What's the greatest thing about being a third ager in your book?
  115. Ok, I did a silly thing today.
  116. It's Official
  117. Financial counselor?
  118. Are there any 3rd agers who...
  119. Just found forum...need to vent a bit
  120. Thanks for wishing me well.
  121. Life planning...
  122. Just found this board here...
  123. Get Your Flu Shot,,, NOW
  124. Another life observation from a Third Ager
  125. Barry McGuire
  126. I used to kinda feel sorry for empty nesters
  127. Have you noticed that you eat a lot differently now?
  128. Osteoarthritis anyone?
  129. Has Anyone Returned to Work at age 55+?
  130. Can't belive it
  131. Awesome Site
  132. One Advantage.....
  133. Anyone here 40-41
  134. preparing for a family meeting with adult children living at home
  135. What do your Grandchildren call you?
  136. question about menopause
  137. Will you soon have ailing parents to take care of in some way
  138. As a senior, would you move in with your kids?
  139. Frustrated would be the first word that comes to mind, although there are others!!
  140. Why is it when your 20 you think you know it all, and....
  141. Senior's home??
  142. Red Hat Society
  143. Retired? Getting Ready to Retire?
  144. I don't know if it's b/c we're facing our mortality or what.....
  145. forgotten long posts
  146. A plus of the empty nest
  147. What does 45+ feel like?
  148. I've noticed a few things changing as I grow older.....
  149. Painting the kitchen
  150. Red hat finally
  151. the nest is empty
  152. Almost Empty Nesters
  153. Anyone here in the 55+ age range?
  154. Hot feet
  155. Natural menopause
  156. Is anyone a member of the Red Hatters?
  157. Too Young for That
  158. Cool site for boomers and seniors
  159. Links Fred Brock gave us in regards to retirement
  160. Grandmas and Grandkids, etc...... Cute!
  161. growing older
  162. How old do you have to be to be a third ager?
  163. I'm sometimes surprised by how content I am
  164. Menopause Questions
  165. My retirement dream...
  166. Letting go & giving myself a hug
  167. Remefemin anyone??
  168. what's your retirement pension like?
  169. Thinking about what I thought the empty nest would be like....
  170. use it or lose it
  171. Retirement plans - its so cool...
  172. Remember the old grocery stores
  173. When I am a Grandmother
  174. hey I'm 56!
  175. what's so great about being your age?
  176. Hubby would like to
  177. country wide get togethers
  178. I love when this happens
  179. **UPDATED** I did it and tonight is.....
  180. #@$&*^% Gray Hairs!!
  181. You know you're old when
  182. Going to my first meeting of....
  183. Are you turning in to your Mother?
  184. Remember when......
  185. Travel
  186. do you get government help with your retirement
  187. Now that you've retired or are close to retirement...
  188. What are your plans for retirement?
  189. You were a child in the 60s if....
  190. Anyone re-parenting?
  191. Elvis would be 69 today....
  192. Third agers and long hair.
  193. As you've gotten older, do you find yourself.....
  194. For those over 40
  195. 55+ - are you ready?
  196. A very frugal alternative to waxing.....
  197. Karlisangel, this is for you OR other grandparents, heck actually for anyone
  198. When your hair started turning gray...
  199. As you grow older do you feel like you relate more to...
  200. I think I've reached another phase of my life
  201. If the time should come for you to go into a nursing home
  202. Growing old gracefully
  203. Menopause symptoms, help please!
  204. As you've aged, what are you doing to keep your brain cells active?
  205. What are your plans, once your an empty nester?
  206. A few things to look forward to when your nest empties out
  207. How many $$ do you think you'll need
  208. What don't you like about the age your are today?
  209. Do you think that age changes.....
  210. A conversation with our grandson
  211. Any Grandparents Raising Grandkids..??
  212. How have you prepared for the "change"
  213. Do you fear growing older
  214. Do you like the age your at now?
  215. As a grandparent - do you challenge your kids parenting?
  216. Old is when........
  217. Do you remember????? What's your score ???
  218. What Do Your Grandchildren Call You?
  219. What Is Your Funniest Memory From Childhood?
  220. Do you feel any one age is better than the other
  221. "Older" Moms
  222. Oh my, A hair on my chinny - chin- chin LOL
  223. Red Hat Society - this is the neatest!!
  224. Grandma's brag pictures
  225. What more can I expect?
  226. Retirement with a purpose - you'll love this one
  227. Why can they not make underwear to fit us?
  228. I've lost so many hours of sleep what will it be like when
  229. What Are The Inventions That Have Made The Biggest Difference In Your Life?
  230. Have any of you used soya products for
  231. Do you have plans should this happen?
  232. Have any of you "Third Agers" prepared for
  233. What's The First TV Show You Remember Watching?
  234. I only mention this here because......
  235. Dear Ladies
  236. Games For When We Are Older
  237. Something Special With Your Family??
  238. What Did your Grandmother/Mother Leave for you?
  239. What Would You Leave To Children/Grandchildren?
  240. What Do You Like Better About You Now?
  241. What Would You Change?
  242. What is your biggest fear of growing old
  243. Birthdays?
  244. For grandparents - do you play a major roll
  245. Have you made a will yet?
  246. Today I wish I was younger
  247. Are you taking calcium tablets or
  248. When do you feel is the best age to retire?
  249. What do you do now ???
  250. When going through menopause do you plan on?