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Man, It's been a long time...

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by , 01-12-2009 at 02:55 AM (757 Views)
I've been financially miserable and didn't want my blog to become emotionally draining for all you FV peeps that stumble upon it...

I guess I should update... I'm hellabroke! Scary broke that is... and tomorrow I may get laid off! *smirk, chuckle*.... I went gung-ho on the debt that I have seriously about $200 in my savings... totally used up the EF that was a MISTAKE!!

However, I think I needed to start at rockbottom to take this seriously... With the fall fling I ran into several journals of mine (all of which only had one entry) in which I came to realize that since 2000 my goals have been the same 1) get out of debt 2) lose weight 3) apply for grad school 4) stop eating out 5) get a boyfriend... all of which I am in worse shape then back then... Then again in 2003, and 2005, and 2006, and September 2007... same thing... first entry with the first goal. Nothing changed but the DATE!! Except that I got engaged to two losers since then both of which I no longer have contact...

So, I've been reflecting on that and it really is time for a change!

So with that said... 2009 Goals:
1) get out of debt
2) lose weight
3) apply for grad school
4) stop eating out
5) get a boyfriend... I can actually do without this one... I'm not smart enough to be left alone to pick a mate... from now on they have to come with letters of recommendation!!

BTW- I've been brown bagging lunch and eating dinner at home... I feel so much better, energy level is up! Yesterday I cooked a turkey!! Today frittata.. and I'm waiting for my apple chips to finish baking as we "speak"... 6 months ago, I would have bet good money against me if someone had told me I'd be at home on a Sunday night packing a lunch and baking... I guess I'm maturing

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  1. Momto2Boyz's Avatar
    congrats on seriously reflecting on your goals. Sometimes I think you have to hit rock bottom to truely know which way is up!

    Dh and I hit rock bottom last year and it was a doozy. We'd never had to truely struggle for anything in our lives, so it was a real wake up call for us. However, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and made lots of changes that have worked to benefit us in the long run.

    It sounds like you have a great attitude, so hang in there. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can't see it yet!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Glad to see you have a great attitude to get things done! At least you know that you can't go anywhere but up!
  3. nuisance26's Avatar
    ~I have goals that have been on my yearly list of goals for years now, still unfulfilled. In the last few years though, that unfulfilled list has been growing shorter and shorter. Something that helped me was to break down my big or vague goals into smaller, month sized bites. We used to have a running thread every month for goals and I would post my bites and then print it out. It really worked for me. You could ask yourself, "How am I going to lose weight/get out of debt/eat out less this month?"~
  4. TinyDancer's Avatar
    Welcome back! I was wondering where you'd been....

    Good luck on your 2009 goals. Mine are similar (minus grad school) and I'm with you....I can't be trusted to pick a mate either. I have bad taste in men as evidenced in the last 11 years of my life.
  5. Alam's Avatar
    lmfao TinyDancer... my picker's been broken since the 80s!

    Thanks for the words of encouragment y'all :-)