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Hello Again :)

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by , 05-30-2009 at 04:20 PM (1074 Views)
Itís been a busy month for me, Iím shattered. Work on the flat is slowing down now, all rooms have been sanded down and glossed - that took about a week to do. I hate glossing! The original doors in the flat were a dark brown colour and didnít seem to match the new white bits so I went crazy and painted them all and glossed them all white, with the new super-cheap chrome handles I bought they look great, the lounge just needs the wallpaper finishing and one wall painting and thatís finished its like that for the rest of the rooms really, all they need is carpets down.

DBF's mum has paid for them all; in total I have carpet for 5 rooms for £750 - I got a bit of a discount as I knew the guy who we saw at the carpet store. I got about £200 discounted. Not bad.

My parents are paying for the new boiler system we have to have; I have told them that if we ever move that I will give them money back for what they paid.

Boiler goes in on the 8th of June, and the carpets go down on the 17th, then after that I can finally start moving furniture in

I have most of the bills sorted I will post my budget up soon.

I'll be back soon, I am watching Britain's Got Talent: The Final.

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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    What a great investment in your life!! very impressive!!

    Enjoy the final of BGT -even in Hawaii we are following your very talented people!!
  2. Bournecrazy's Avatar
    that is good to hear, you have probably seen all the weird people of britain too lol. There are some talented people amoung the strange ones.

    The person i thought that would of won didnt, but everyone is so good it was a hard choice.