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Recycle =

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by , 01-06-2009 at 03:46 PM (904 Views)
6th Jan 2009

I had a spring clean of the bedroom and found an old empty ink cartridge for the printer and something reminded me that the store i shop is involved in recycling cartridges and other items. So anyway i found out if i send it in they will give me 100 clubcard points - which are collected after 3 months (you get a point for every 1 spend instore online or on petrol) each point is worth 0.01p when converted to money off vouchers. I already have 570 points so far so i will get a little extra more money off.

I also found out that they recycle mobile phones too and they will give you a gift card for a value of a phone - depending on how much it is worth to them plus an additional 300 points. I have 3 old phones that i am taking in, they come up to a total of 35 in gift card!! which is a full 2 weeks shop for me plus i will get 900 points extra to convert to vouchers so hopefully i will have about 1500 points to claim into a 15 money off coupon to spend instore. I will use it to top up my stockpile as it is getting a little low, just get some basics in. Obvioulsy the money i would of used on food will be saved towards my goals.

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