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    update: jumper jilly seems to be out of business??? jumperjilly on eBay tell us it ain't so......

    update: bought a bolt of linen with a coupon at joanne to make a new 140x108 flat sheet. it is my memorial day project. i stuck my foot through the custom 140x120 from Ferguson. i used the heck out of it and wore it out. (this is what happens when you are so busy at work for three years straight that wash and put back the same sheet on the bed over and over again). so i "turned sides to middle" and cut out the bad parts- a good three feet or so. it's too small to be a bottom sheet anymore, so it is now a top sheet. do you know how to turn sheets sides to middle? here is a video by karinza t wall.

    i will be selling some unused sheets soon. the ones from the previous bed don't fit my current bed. for all my good intentions, i never do get around to refurbishing the old into new. i have a pretty free calendar for june, though. the cuddledowns, the len-ok from russia, the ones from minsk, sferra, williams sonoma, they will be sold over the summer. time to let someone else enjoy them.
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    why is it every May I go nuts with linen stuff?

    i re-dyed sweat and drool stained pillowcases and pit stained linen blouses. . they were saved from the trashcan. https://ladykemmanewlinenblog.wordpr...d-pillowcases/
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    https://ladykemmanewlinenblog.wordpr...anewlinenblog/ find me here, as well.

    107519 views. wow. may 2017 this blog is dated. i will update... coming soon!

    you know, i get quoted a lot on the internet now, so i better get to steppin'.
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