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$25 a week menu planning, week 2

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by , 11-06-2008 at 06:13 PM (4330 Views)
Looking through the online ads I didn't find as many good sales this week. Brussel sprouts, orange juice, cheese and cottage cheese made the list of things to look for. This is pretty normal for me, frankly I just don't buy breakfast bars, deodorant wipes, instant meals or microwave pizza bites or any of the other pre-packaged stuff they are trying to push on me. I don't care how cheap it is (and it's usually not) I don't want it.

Anyway, I have a tentative meal list for next week. Again, cereal, oatmeal, toast, tea, bacon and eggs are on hand for breakfasts. We have fruit for snacks, plus a package of beef jerky I found in the back of the pantry while looking for something else. I will pull some carrots from the garden for snacks, too. Lunches will mainly be the leftovers from what I prepare for dinners.


-- chicken pot pie, using extra filling I made last month and puff pastry on hand)
-- roadkill chili (venison and turkey in stockpile, canned beans and tomatoes from pantry, frozen peppers from garden) We will have this the night friends come over for potluck dinner, they will bring bread/crackers, cheese, and maybe a salad.
-- meatloaf, (ground beef and pork from stockpile, bread crumbs on hand), served with brussel sprouts I buy this week.
-- wild rice and cheddar soup. I bought wild rice for this. It can be expensive, but since it quadruples when cooked I need very little for this recipe.
-- chinese, not sure on the details of this yet. I can make teriyaki wings from the stockpile, and have frozen dumplings left from last month. Also some miso soup packets in pantry and rice for fried rice. I might change my mind by next week and do something else.
-- one more dinner, still undecided. I will see what inspires me over the next couple days.

I normally don't shop during the week because we only have one car. Today I had an appointment and was going to be in the area near Whole Foods so I went and bought the wild rice. It was [cough] $8.27 for just short of two cups of rice, however I will get at least 3 meals from it. While I was out I also stopped at the oriental market and got the soy sauce I like, $1.99 for a great big bottle. That puts me at $62.82/$200 for the month.

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  1. mrsmac62's Avatar
    Great information thanks! I like the sound of roadkill chili- hmm, maybe when I drive out in the country tomorrow to see ds, I can find something laying about to use for next weeks menu ;0