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The ice cream is nearly gone

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by , 11-04-2008 at 02:27 PM (1917 Views)
And I suspect that it will be finished before the night is over. DH is home, and he's bored, watching tv and snacking. A lot. The milk is going faster than usual, but that's partly my fault since I've had a couple bowls of cereal this week, too.

I ran to the store yesterday to get green onions for the short rib dinner. They were part of the recipe for the rice and I forgot them Saturday. I also picked up a single sweet potato to make into chips later this week. Then, when I went to scan the mark-down bin I found bags of Hershey Kisses reduced to $1.49, with 55 cent coupons attached. Score! I got two. Total purchases $3.04.

Today the plan was to go get two pounds of the hard salami my husband has for snacks, since it was $2 off per lb and it would be double-punch day on the loyalty card. However when I got there I found it was not the deli sliced salami, it was a pre-packaged kind that my small local store doesn't carry. I'd have to drive to the big store half an hour away to get it, and I didn't feel like going out of my way, and I wasn't going to get punches on my card for it.

I did have to pick up some rice though. I used the last of my plain long-grain rice for the short ribs last night. I thought it would be really good with the sauce from the crockpot, and it was. However, I need more for the dirty rice for tonight, as I usually stretch the boxed kit with an extra cup of rice. There's so much seasoning in the box I swear you could add 4 cups of extra rice and it would still be spicy and salty. That was an extra $2.39.

So, we're up another five and a half bucks on the spending for the challenge, but I believe it will all work out fine by the end of the month.

Addendum: I am really glad I went and got the extra rice. We had two friends come over that I wasn't really expecting (they had said they were going to stay home and watch the election returns this week). Threw some extra lettuce in the salad bowl and made dinner rolls from flour and yeast on hand. So I was able to feed them graciously and still had leftovers.

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  1. husky9273's Avatar
    Hello, :wave:
    I'm new to the village and I missed the earlier posts from you. I like the things you are doing but can you direct me to the challenge parameters? Or is it too late for e to participate?
    Things have gotten tighter since Circuit City has filed for bankruptcy today. My son was hired as seasnal help and now his hours are in jeopardy. He's over 6 ft tall and eats more than I do.
    Any suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.