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Thanksgiving on $25 a week

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by , 11-20-2008 at 01:04 PM (5643 Views)
I was a little worried I might not be able to swing this as part of the challenge, but after looking at the menu plan and what I'd need to buy I realized I already had 90% of it in the pantry or the stockpile.

Turkey breast -- will buy this
stuffing -- on hand
gravy -- from turkey drippings, have flour on hand
blueberry pie -- have frozen berries in stockpile, pastry items on hand
dinner rolls -- breadmaking items on hand
cranberry salad -- have cranberries in stockpile, fruit, nuts, jello on hand
baked winter vegs -- potatoes, winter squash, seasoning etc on hand
cranberry juice -- bought last week
green vegetable -- will buy this when I get turkey
deviled eggs -- bought eggs last week, have mayo, etc.

The winter vegetables are from a trip to the farmer's market I made in early October. Stuff like winter squash, turnips and potatoes last a long time when bought very fresh and kept very cold. The cranberries are from a sale last winter. Luckily they keep well and don't really go bad when kept a long time in the freezer like some things can.

If I had to go out and buy all of that, I think it would cost me more than $25, but I think I'm like most people in that I have many of the things I need on hand. Flour and baking items, mayo, seasonings for the bird, packaged gelatin, potatoes, onions, eggs...

Even though there are only two of us, I make a lot of food, 8 servings or so, because I don't plan to cook the rest of the holiday weekend. We're the kind of people who will happily eat roast turkey sandwiches for 4 days after Thanksgiving and be sad when it is gone. At the end, I will pick the carcass for pot pie, and use any remaining gravy and vegetables.

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  1. husky9273's Avatar
    I like the way you break thing down and it makes me think about how to stretch my pantry. I too have most of the basics, I just have to get a few things for the
    soup(on sale, have a coupon for doubling),
    shrimp(on sale)
    butter on sale used of he last from April sale have coupon which would make it .25 cents per lb.
    sweet potato on sale .25 cents
    pie crust from staples