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$25/Week challenge, week 3 shopping

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by , 11-15-2008 at 10:36 PM (2421 Views)
I spent $50.92 today. Pretty close to our $25 per person per week allowance, but because of other purchases this month we are up to $174 of our $200 for the month, and I know the thanksgiving turkey is going to take $20 of our remaining $26 next week and I will need my $4 milk too. More on that later.

I did a lot of pantry "stocking up" shopping this week with sale items. I have marked those items with a *.

eggs 1.19
cottage cheese 2.79
cottage cheese 2.79
limeade 1.12
*OJ 1.67
*OJ 1.67
sugar free cranberry juice 2.22
cranberry juice -free-
*can pumpkin .59
*brown sugar .88
*pie crust 1.00
english muffins 3.49
* american singles 1.99
apples 2.33
asparagus 2.48
bananas .40
cabbage .81
tomatoes .79
* bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins 6.25
*cheesecake mix 1.50
*cheesecake mix 1.50
*pillsbury crescent rolls (8pc) x6 @ 1.41
*butter 1.99
*butter 1.99
bbq pork rinds .99

The eggs, pumpkin and cranberry juices are for Thanksgiving. The cashier forgot to ring up one of them, I found when I got home and went over the receipts. We have enough cottage cheese to last the rest of the month, so I won't have to buy any next week. The turkey tenderloins were on sale, and they will be nice some evening when we have friends over for dinner.

There is so much food in the house I have got to stop buying it. Some of the deals I can't pass up, like the crescent rolls, on sale and with a coupon for additional savings. They are good until mid January the label says, so I will spread them out with various meals for the next 6 weeks.

I have nearly everything I need for Thanksgiving dinner and several days of leftovers already in the house. The only additional purchases will be the turkey, and a fresh green vegetable bought the day before -- whatever looks good at the store.

Menu plan:

Breakfasts: oatmeal, toast, tea, eggs and bacon, english muffins
Lunches: leftovers from dinner, grilled cheese
Snacks: home made cookies, cheese, salami, cottage cheese, Cheezits, pork rinds, apples, bananas, carrot sticks
-- ham and potato soup (home made stock and trimmings from our last ham, potatoes from last week), crescent rolls
-- corned beef dinner (stockpile corned beef $1.50lb, root vegs on hand) cabbage
-- leftover corned beef dinner
-- soft chicken tacos (stockpile chicken thighs, tortillas on hand), refried beans on hand, salad left from week 1
-- spinach & sausage soup (chard from garden, stockpile meat), crescent rolls
-- bbq ribs (freezer leftovers) and salad left from week 1, baked squash on hand
-- kielbasa (stockpile $1) and swiss chard from garden
-- salmon (stockpile $3.88 lb) and asparagus, rice from pantry

I buy the entire (2-3lb) side of salmon when they are on sale. It normally runs about $7-11 a pound here in the midwest. I have them get me a frozen one in the cryo-pack right out of their meat locker, and don't bother with the stuff they've thawed for sale. When we cook one I cut up the fat end into filets, and put the small, narrow end into the smoker and make my own smoked salmon. Friends of mine give me pecan wood when branches come down in their yard. The smoked salmon ends up being about 1/4 the price of the stuff they sell in the store.

Anyway, that's 8 meals instead of the usual 7, and I expect there to be leftovers for lunches. This gets us through the 23rd, and I will reassess the food situation for the 3 days before T-day and see what we have. I suspect there will still be plenty of leftovers and I will not need to cook new meals, we will make an effort to clean out the fridge for the holiday dinner.

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  1. mrsmac62's Avatar
    Good planning! It all sounds so delicious, especially the smoked salmon. I'm really hungry while reading this, dinner is in the oven, but reading this has my tum rumbling loudly